Which type do you want to see in TCG?

Currently there are a few TCG types that cover multiple in-game types.

Fighting: Fighting, Rock, Ground
Water: Water, Ice
Psychic: Psychic, Poison, Ghost
Grass; Grass, Bug
Colorless: Normal, Flying

Half way through Gen 5, and at the start of Gen 6 we had Dragon and Fairy types added in relatively quick succession so I think our chances of another one anytime soon isn’t too high.

Ice type with a white colouring on the card would be wonderful, I’d like Ghost to be able to have it’s own as well but colouring would be an issue.

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Easy choice.

Another one would be Bug, good selection of awesome stuff like Beedrill, Pinsir, Heracross and Ninjask.

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I’d like a poison type as it would really separate out the grass and psychic types. I think it could be really versatile. No idea what colouring would work with it though…

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Very dark green?


Indigo would be good for poison
White for Ice would be epic!

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“Dark” type should’ve been ghost.

I would love to see Flying be added as a type. It’s been confined to colorless for awhile, and with the introduction of the Dragon type, Flying is now the only type that’s lumped in with colorless without any real purpose.

Give it a sky-blue coloring, a wing symbol, and call it good.


The types that have been introduced after dark and metal have been for pokemon usually defined as colourless so I believe that flying is the only other type we will possibly see other than a new one altogether, there needs to be some colourless pokemom though so what would we say qualifies as just colourless type? Would it just be used for alternate typing such as the new ho-oh set to be released with xy9.

There should be a NAture type… would be pretty coolant and it can be some kind of golden color or some shit.

Maybe we have the beginning of the end of colourless!

As great as it would be for us collectors to have each type represented, I think the addition of a card color for each type would just make the game itself just too complicated. Too many specific mechanics for each type would be needed, and it might just make the game too intimidating for younger players.

The idea of a white ice type and light blue flying type gets my juices flowing though.


Nature type… As in a new type.
And maybe spirit type lol.

I think grass, bug, water, rock, ground, ect. have the idea of nature pretty mich covered.
And spirit? Do you mean something like…ghost type?

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A bit different from ghost… like Spirit/angel sort of god type. IMAGINE AN ANGEL LEGENDARY!! OR GOD THINGY LEGENDARY. I think they would go under spirit type.