Where to buy perfectly flat Card Saver 1s?

I bought Gold Cardboard card saver 1s off amazon but they came not perfectly flat. And considering the card will take the shape of the saver, this is a problem. This brand is supposed to be one of, if not the best saver (they are known for being a bigger size than Ultra Pros and therefore easier to slip the card into. This brand’s website only sells in bulk and the few card stores I’ve checked near me don’t sell them. Any ideas?

Also, do grading card companies down-grade if a card has developed any sort of bend from being inside a saver?

Grading companies generally don’t dock points for a bend like that caused by a card saver or otherwise.

I bought a case of CS1 from an ebay seller and also had a little bend to them. I don’t think you will find perfect ones. They cranked those out as fast as they could during the pandemic and quality was crap on them (and everything else too).

No 100% flat ones in the market.


When I say perfectly flat, I mean virtually flat.

I tested out CardSharkz (https://youtu.be/Ue_nLF3-l5c) and seriously loved them. I actually reordered 20k of them which are now almost gone. Get some on eBay and see what you think.

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