Where i could buy Prerelease Sun and Moon cards ?

Like Xy Evolution prerelease/staff … Anyone know where to find Sun and Moon prerelease boosters? Thanks in advance

I believe the pre-release events begin this weekend. So you could check TPCi’s website for local events to attend or purchase the pre-release/ staff cards on ebay as early as this weekend.

Edit, looks like pre-release is next weekend, Jan 21st


Does anyone know if the hyper rare cards will be in the US release?


That’s a good question. I’m wondering if they are releasing the UR version or the HR one. Either way it appears one of them is going to be missing… Unless of course, they decide to release them as cheap promos later on.

What makes you think they are only releasing one or the other?

If you are unable to access a PreRelease event, you might also try eBay or the FaceBook group Virbank City US Pokemart, which would have several people who run events or who have abundant access to them reselling the unused player packs.

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Hey @ozenigma ! I was checking the Sun & Moon TCG list that’s up on bulbapedia


and I can’t find them anywhere; other than the regular GX there is only one Ultra Rare listed for each Pokemon that has a GX card. If you look at the Japanese list you can actually see that both the UR and HR are listed. Hope this is wrong but it looks like it isn’t.


Bulbapedia is just Wikipedia, in that the information there is updated by the community, not by TPC or TPCI. That means any list you see on yet to be released cards is not going to be finalised until all cards from that set have been discovered.

I did notice the Sun/Moon English list has no secret rares but if you hear different let us know here :blush: I was actually kind of looking forward on doing the Hyper Rares in English too, just finished the Japanese HRs.

That’s what I’m saying mate. The list on Bulbapedia is not accurate, you shouldn’t be using it to confirm or deny the existence of cards in a yet to be released set =)