Where can I sell my cards

Where the best place to sell a life time collection of Pokemon cards. Too many for ebay.



eBay is the best option.


‘Lifetime’ collection is so vague.

We’d be able to help more if we had some details :blush:

Ebay for sure though but I agree with Millhouse everyones collection is dfferent in size afterall

Definitely Ebay even if it takes a while to sell them all individually or go for a whole lot.

You could sell them for cheap to card sites like TrollandToad.com but you’ll get very little bang for your buck through that.

Also, lifetime collections can range from having two incomplete sets from the first few generations of Pokemon, to thousands of cards and completed sets, so you’ll need to be a bit more descriptive with where your collection lies. :blush:

I disagree with ebay…

Your going to get slapped with at least 10% in fees, then paypal fees. Plus, have you seen the last listings for people selling massive bulk entire collections.

There was a guy in Netherlands who sold a massive lot about a 2 weeks ago, had many complete sets up until neo, and then e series sets incomplete + more, and it went for $1500 odd. It was well worth $2000+

I don’t think he got anywhere near top dollar.

Same thing happened to a girl in America who listed her items on youtube / ebay. 1000s of holograms / sets went for around $1700

My suggestion is try and network on forums like here, and find the best collectors, who will pay the fairest price *minus all the ebay fees*. Its a good feeling knowing your selling to a collector rather than a flipper also.

Plus you have to worry about the low feedback bidders / paypal buyer protection… >.< nightmare.

That’s actually a really good idea, Drew. Didn’t think of that. It calls for a lot of time and patience, but is better geared to getting top dollar.


Forums are terrible if you just want to hop on and dump your collection. If you had valuable cards and complete sets, they’d have been mentioned up front. If you don’t know you have them, it’s fair to assume you don’t have the knowledge to have properly taken care of them.

Ebay you might actually get a return on a random lot of cards.

@funmonkey54, I generally dislike assuming such things, even if it’s atypical for this kind of thing to occur. For all we know, they may have the knowledge but have been in a rush, or they may have a really good collection on their hands but have obtained it through other means and now seek information.

I just think it’s a best practice policy to avoid assuming overtly otherwise we may sound rude in the process, you know?

We want to help, not deter. :blush:


I’d imagine eBay is the best place to sell your collection regardless of what it entails. Before you go listing it on eBay, though, you should do some research into prices and then determine the smartest way to go about selling it. Cheap cards, for example, might do best in a lot. Expensive sets and promos are often best to piece out.

It sounds harsh. I know that it does. And I’m generally the “Let’s be positive until we have a reason to assume otherwise” kind of guy.
But when someone posts breaking the first rule of the forum, is told that’s not an option, then posts dodging the option but still aiming at just pitching their cards, I lose that patience. This isn’t a forum designed to help people get out of the hobby and make a quick buck.

If you truly have the knowledge, you’ll wait until you can properly display it. There is no justifiable “rush.”

Virbank City PokeMart on Facebook. It’s a group. You take a picture, you ask for money, and if someone is interested they’ll let you know. Biggest base of people there is and they are geared for exactly this kind of thing. :wink:

That said, there isn’t really more discussion to be had. It’s pretty clear from these responses where to take an old collection for a quick buck. Anyone in need of further clarification can PM me.