What's with the corners on this card?

This Sigilyph just arrived in the mail and the first thing I noticed is the oddly shaped corners on the right side. They both appear to be cut irregularly, each in their own way. Is this indicative of the previous owner manually cutting away some damage? A fake? Maybe a not uncommon natural variation? Everything else about the card looks normal to me.

It’s a cheap card so I’m really not upset about it. I’m mostly asking out of curiosity because I’ve only noticed something like this a handful of times that I can remember, and I’d like the community’s take on it. Thanks.

Looks like just factory weird.

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Good to know. Thanks!

Cards are cut into rectangles and the corners are then cut off afterwards. If you notice, the top right seems to not have been cut deep enough and the bottom right looks to have cut off a bit extra. If I had to make a guess, I’d say the alignment of the corner cutter was a tiny bit off for this particular card.

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I opened up a 2012 boundaries crossed booster pack and got several cards that had the same deal going on with the corners. My guess is its probably at least semi normal to get this. Just a bonus tip, the three cards I graded with PSA from that pack that had those corners all got 10s, so it doesn’t hurt the cards grade if by chance you had those intentions.