What's up with ebay users that offer 1/100th of your BIN?

Seems like every listing I’ll have a few users that will offer $5 on a $60 item. My favorite are the $50-$100 offers on my $4200 box.

Are they just trolling or do they really think they have a shot?

If you don’t ask they can’t say yes. It takes no time and there is no penalty for having an offer declined. I guess they figure that eventually they’ll get something for a steal.

I think they are just trolling. You can set up eBay to auto decline offers below a certain amount which will stop them annoying you.

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Turn on that auto decline. Dont waste your time with those folks who have nothing better to do in life.

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I’ve got it on. What’s interesting is they never bid again. I could understand starting low as possible if you’re trying to get a good price in the end, but one and done seems strange.

I think the fact that they got you so wound up about this that you took the time to make a thread about it made their trolling a success lol :sob:


They are hoping that you accidentally set your auto decline value as your auto accept?

Most annoying for me are users like Pokemon_4_sale offers me $20 on an item listed $100 OBO that would sell at bid for $50 without fail.

They’ll throw like 5 measly offers at once, then get mad when I counter a fair price. Like, dude I’m not going to help you flip my goods, stop offering lol

This doesnt make sense, if you have auto decline on you would never see their low offers at all. That’s the whole point of it.

You can click on “manage all offers” and see the ones that have been auto declined.

Probably a bit of both, depending on the individual user.

Some are there to troll [i’ve had my fair share] and some are just looking to hopefully pick up a good bargain. The auto-decline feature will save you time :wink:

Auto-Decline is lame.
A guy has an item for sale for $2600
I offered $2550

It auto-declined. Honestly what’s the point having a best offer if you won’t take even 2% off?


People who make lowball offers immediately go on my banned bidder list. They aren’t the type of customer I will ever want,


Auto decline is not lame. It stops idiots from wasting your time with lowball offers. Your example is rare. In fact, in twenty years I’ve never seen it happen.

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The same thing that is wrong with people who post a card 1000% above market value. Thug life.

Listings without an OBO feature don’t rank as high as those with it. At least according to ebay.

If you’re a buyer, you want to get a good deal.
If you’re a seller, you want to sell for max dollar.

I am a buyer. So I like the ability to offer what I would be willing to pay. The seller doesn’t have to accept, but has the option to consider it.

What bothers me the most are the sellers that consistently list their products for more than market value. It’s their choice obviously, but then I just Send what I would be willing to pay. They usually don’t budge on high price.

What do you guys usually open with as an offer? I typically do 30% off or so because I sometimes get offers accepted at that price, and if not, it doesn’t seem low enogh to make people too salty to negotiate. Of course that depends on the starting price, but also when people list something for 1.5x or more of what I feel it’s worth, I don’t bother.

True collectors/sellers, like most the serious players here, are looking for neither because they know fair market is essential to the health of the hobby.

Sellers overpricing and buyers trying to save a few bucks don’t care about the hobby…only themselves. That’s one of the reasons E4 demands that buyers set their price when requesting items here. This is supposed to be a collectors site, not somewhere to lowball or overcharge. There’s a lot of other places for them where the health of the hobby doesn’t matter like Facebook, IG, etc.

It’s rare I disagree with you, but there are a lot of people who overprice. A good example would be cullers. I’d even say Scott and many big players in the hobby usually list quite high.

I have a lot of respect for both. They’re just not in a rush to sell at current market or last sold prices.

They’ll just wait until they’re the only listing available or accept somewhere in between.