What's everyone use for making youtube videos?

Hey everyone, was just curious on what everyone uses to make their youtube videos. (for those of you that do) I know I have seen some of you on youtube as well as on here.

Here’s what I use

iPone6 with movie pro app
A cheap phone tripod off of ebay
upload with the moviepro app

I noticed my volume isn’t as clear as I would like it so I’m thinking about adding a mic.

How about you guys!?

(I hope this is in the right section)

EDIT: Post your youtube links here (if that’s allowed) and i’ll sub!

Your setup sounds good. I haven’t heard of moviepro but I assume it works alright for what you’re doing.

Some general tips:

  1. Your camera quality doesn’t mean shit unless you have good quality lighting. Film in an area that doesn’t have much glare, and has good natural lighting. Lighting from the sides is good. Lighting from the back contributes to glare.

  2. Give yourself plenty of space. If you’re opening packs or something like that, you’re going to need places to put cards, pack wrappers, a stack of pulls, etc. The space should be sufficient enough that you don’t need to pause your video to move anything.

  3. Going with the above thing…be comfortable. Opening up something like an entire booster box can become very tiring on your arms if you aren’t in a comfortable position.

If you’re looking to become a larger channel:

  1. Invest in some quality channel art. It makes you look professional.

  2. Your viewers come as much for you as they do for your content. So be yourself, and don’t try to impersonate other youtubers in the hope that it’ll bring you views.

  3. Keep your uploads consistent. Don’t upload a video a day for a week or two, and then go three weeks without anything. Spread them out, even if it means waiting to upload videos you’ve already filmed.

  4. Be unique! Theres a 95% chance that what you have has already been done by a larger youtuber. Give viewers a reason to watch your video.

My YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCqq5fL1otx92vRfrfvOwKsw


Good tips followed by some shameless self promotion @fourthstartcg :stuck_out_tongue:

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@woolsluk It was requested by OP :blush: But I’m always one for shameless self promotion ahaha!


Adobe Premiere is pretty awesome software to use if your going to use PC, and there be lot’s of vids on Youtube teaching how to use cool stuff in it… Probably a bit over kill for a start though, but it’s always good to learn these thingies if your serious about getting into this stuff. Audio-Technica AT2020 is pretty good Mic man.

Wait Wut, since when have you been a mod ethan?! Congrats even if it’s belated :blush:

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I use a Logitech C920 webcam together with a Blue yeti USB microphone. Then I edit my videos in Sony Vegas Pro!

As stated earlier, the lightning is very important for good quality but I think your setup sounds just fine, if you have the time and energy it might me worth trying to learn some more advanced editing software though :blush:

I have made some videos for a Swedish collaborative Pokemon channel so unfortunately you will probably not understand anything from what I say but here you can see the quality of my current setup :blush:

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The Blue Yeti is a fantastic microphone. Blue also makes some less-expensive models that are quite nice.

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I don’t do videos these days, but adobe after effects for intros, and then Sony Vegas pro was My main choice. :blush:

Thanks for the tips! I subscribed. Do you use your phone? I noticed you were having focus issues on one of your videos. I used to have that problem until i download the moviepro and it focuses like a champ! I’ll keep everyone updated on what I choose to add to my “gear” feel free to do the same!

My YT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCg7pwRCqNsyYHWhxwZYfRDg

I use a $3-4 tripod stand from china (including shipping) and my cellphone. I upload directly to YouTube from my phone. My beginning videos were filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S5, and my new vids are recorded on a S6 Edge. I alternate the quality between 1080p & 4k. The 4k videos limit me to 5 minutes, & some of my vids run long. The battery life is terrible and I have many other basic issues with this phone. I wouldn’t recommend it. I would prefer the S5 or potentially one of the Galaxy Notes.

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I always try to use natural light or I’ll pull out some lamps if I’m showcasing a set to emphasize the cards. The background is really dark in those vids though :/. I paid a guy $10 to do my banner way back when. He did a lot of other people for free. I’ve thought about making it a poster, so no wasted money there.

I make vids to bring the community together, but I don’t record everything. I bought a ton of newer packs awhile back and opened them all off camera. I showed the grades, but not the pack openings. We’ve all got those ‘secret’ things we’re after. A lot of the stuff I record usually has a decent delay from when I bought it to when I post it. I think much of it has to do with picking up rare items and monitoring the market/researching it a bit more before displaying it.

You were actually one of the first people I subscribed to on youtube and got me into sending in my own cards for grading (How to submit cards to PSA… or something a long those lines) What is that high intensity lamp you use to grade cards in that video? Looks killer.

I work the day shift, so it’s really hard for me to get a good natural light :slightly_frowning_face: I actually have 3 lights going from different angles to try to recreate something somewhat natural (you can see what i’m talking about in my vids)

I use the same tripod, works great for how cheap it is. I plug my phone in while i’m recording because it does kill your battery recording those higher quality videos.

Always look forward to your videos, cheers.

Thanks man. The goal of the video was to help people feel comfortable stepping into the community. I’m glad it helped.

I don’t know the proper term for the light, but it’s like an LED light of sorts. Nothing fancy. It just gives off the right kind of light. You can prob go to Office Depot or Lowes and test out a few lamps before buying.

I’ll check out your YouTube!