What pokemon should have done. Elite four(um) tribute.

So I was thinking. In light of pokemon liking to emphasize on somewhat different pokemon (ash’s greninja), why not take that back to before. Remember Lorelei’s cloyster? It has a pearl on it’s head.

They should have done a gymlike set, but with Elite Four trainers/leaders/badasses. Just like they wanted to do with the VS set (which would be a good choice, since they never brought those to the USA (yes i know about those prints, but still) )
AND I know we would all be quite happy with a set like that. Retro, yet new. Unvisited, forgotten stuff pokemon could still milk like a big fat cash cow. If only for a miniset.

And pleeeeasse. Just focus on one pokemon on a card most of the time, sure several can be fun like southern, but not all the time.

Anyone else have any ideas on this?


Special spiked onix!

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Arbok with tail bling

Green aerodactyl

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Is this official art? Cause it’s pretty darn awesome… has a Sugimori vibe to it.

Its from pokemon adventures comic, source bulba

Thinking of painting gym cards to become elite four cards…


It’s still possible, given that they’re bringing the originals out as 3DS games. We have to remember that the present generation of kids haven’t ever played the original games before, not even the remakes fire red and leaf green!

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Ah, I stand by the opinion that the Pokemon Adventures manga is the ultimate interpretation of the Pokemon story/universe. Nothing else comes close.


How much would it cost to acquire and read through this?


Think this is it. I would be interested in the elite four books. Im really interested in doing those art/custom cards. Also might get myself all gym cards ever, they are my ultimate favorite set ever.

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Is this the entire series? Seems so short.

Their is a different box set for every Generation. I can not believe the manga is still unheard of amongst E4 members! I recommend it for sure.

Is there a free online download?

Pretty sure we wouldn’t condone pirating here, but let’s just say it’s out there. :wink:


Yeah, I’m exclusively involved with the TCG. My cross-platform knowledge is functionally zero.

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One of my accounting profs says this
“Our strengths carried to extreme, at times may become our greatest weakness.”

This is why I still attempt to dabble in a little bit of everything, just to try it out :wink:
I will say that I’m not personally a fan of the Pokemon manga, but the origins anime had a real vibe that I liked.

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I tend to be of the belief that finding your niche and carrying it out as far as possible is the most helpful academic pursuit within a category. It is the other side of the liberal arts coin.

Your accounting prof knows more about accounting than anything else. He would be an awful person to ask if you have a physics question. It just isn’t his field.

Manga just isn’t my field. Haha. But in the spirit of liberal arts, I’d like to read them some time. :blush:

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Just a heads up Red chooses Bulbasaur!

That makes perfect sense. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: