What Is Your Favorite Gen?

For me it has to be gen one followed closely by gen 2! Basically that’s when I stopped playing the games after gen 2. Also most of the cards I’m nostalgic about are from base set to gym series. After a while there are so many Pokémon I can’t name them all as well :joy:

One of the best Gen 2 romhacks for sure. So many great ideas such as gyms/trainers scaling based on badge count, expanded movepools from later gens and IVs visible on stat screen.

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This was part of what made Gen 2 so magical. The lore of Johto blows away the lore of any other region, in my opinion. Don’t forget the Ruins of Alph, too.


Yeah! The Ruins of Alph were cool with how you had to do the various puzzles to unlock more letters of the Unown alphabet. I remember one of the strategy guides I had said that the Aerodactyl puzzle was Charizard :joy:

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Nostalgia has a lot of weight in the decision for sure. Putting in hundreds of hours in Red, Blue, Yellow… Gen 1 all the way for me.


This thread is actually just one big callout at how old we really are.


Hard to say tbh. My favorite Pokémon is from gen 3, but looking at my top 25 favorite Pokémon, gen 1 would have the most. Anime wise, gen 2 is by far my favorite.

So yeah, I’d say gens 1, 2 and 3 are about equal for me.



Gen 1 and 2; Love the Snorlax line.

Gen 3 for me and actually my experience was contrary to something that was said above. I am in the age range for gen 3 and I don’t remember anyone having RBY unless they had an older sibling. I know people who had GSC and I actually bought a used Gold and played through it back then. Card wise though it was all gen 1 and 3 (meaning all cards from early EX era and WOTC except E Series).

This is typically for one of two reasons. Either a.) the kids’ whose first games were Gen 3 were too young to actually play games when RBY came out, or b.) many of the kids who grew up with RBY grew out of the stage and sold their games.