What is this rare Japanese Promo??

Hey guys can anyone explain to me what this promo card is. I have never seen it before and i cant find anything on a google search? Thanks!

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096/PCG-P Pokemon Fan Club if I’m not mistaken.

Released in 2005 to some Daisuki Fan Club members. Also referred to as “Pokémon Love Club”. They come up for sale on YJ once in awhile. Currently there’s one on YJ with a Buy it Now price of 25,000 yen. Only 2 PSA graded copies. A PSA 10 and a PSA 9.

can u link the auction for me thank u I have been looking for this card for awhile

You needed to use the kanji in the search to find it.

Here you are - link.

For future note: ポケモン大好きクラブ or ポケモンだいすきクラブ both work :grin:

I love this card! Recently acquired the chinese version of it. It was handed out at the Taiwanese pokepark in 2006. Very cool card mate - get yours graded if you have it in hand!