What is the rarest and/or most expensive Celebi & Jirachi?

I’ve kind of been wanting to collect all of the cards for one or both of these Pokemon but was just wondering what it would set me back in regards to the expensive cards or if some are particularly difficult to obtain.

Off the top of my head, probably the Celebi 1st ed. E5 and Jirachi ex 1st ed. Miracle Crystal.

I can’t think of any more rare/expensive prints.

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If we’re talking psa 10 examples, the magma vs. aqua jirachi holo is also pretty valuable due to low pop, however I’m not sure how it stands against the 1st ed ex. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a graded copy.

What’s the celebi E4?

Oops! I meant E5.

We’re talking about this card.


Oh ok thank you. E5 stands for 5th E series I’m guessing?

Yep! :blush:

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Just celebi cards or cards depicting celebi? And all in a certain language or across all languages?

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Yeah Championship Arena would be near the top if not the top

Don’t read my mind! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just like in 2005 Championship Arena Master’s Key 068/L-P artwork includes Celebi too.

Just Celebi cards. English and Japanese.