WCP Japanese Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon Gold Star

Hi guys! Just wondering what PSA 9 WCP Jolteon Gold Star is valued at specifically. Flareon and Vaporeon values could be helpful to me as well.
I have one for sale on ebay with an offer of just over half the listed price. Considering taking it. Let me know what you all think is a FAIR price.

I think I just bought this one off you!

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I think you did lol :wink:
Enjoy the card man they are beautiful in person. I bought the card a long time ago, graded it in my first PSA submission, and have had it ever since. It just doesn’t really fit in my collection anymore.
Anyway I think you got a good deal for it. I appreciate your business. I’ll be using the cash to take my dad out for his birthday :blush: