WATA Grading Pop Report for European Languages Pokemon Gameboy games?

Hello guys,

I recently submitted a Pokemon Gameboy Red Edition (German Rote Edition) with seal stickers to Wata Grading.

However I’m unable to find any german Pokemon gameboy games in their Pop report…

Any insight from more experienced Gameboy Games graders out there?

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Bumperino anybody?

Hi, according to what I know every single language but japanese is combined on the pop report, there is no way to know how many german or any other edition are currently graded

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Hi there thank you for your reply.

I’ve been left a bit confused by their pop report, I mean how can they possibly combine languages.

It’s like adding Glurak 1st edition under the Charizard 1st edition pop report :man_shrugging:

Yeah I hope that they change it soon too

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A known german collector interviewed a while ago “Dan Gomez” from Wata (Head of research & authentication).

It was a while ago, when i watched it, but as far as i remember, they are working hard on a new pop report.

At 1h11m3s he shows some previous.

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