1st edition base set: (cards need to be in nm-mint condition)
Alakazam holo
Blastoise holo
Chansey holo
Clefairy holo
Gyrados holo
Hitmonchan holo
Magneton holo
Nidoking holo
Ninetails holo
Poliwrath holo
Zapdos holo
Mewtwo holo

I have a 1st edition fossil booster box factory sealed, willing to trade.
Also have 121 1st edition fossil cards (uncommons/commons and a few rares all in pack mint condition)
1st edition error pikachu (fossil)
1st edition error voltorb
1st edition base haunter

Do you mean 1st edition pikachu jungle error?

I have 1st edition Alakazam. Make an offer?