Value of McDonalds E-Series Promos

Thinking of bidding on this:

What’s the value?

Last one I saw sold for $75ish, however Jimmy’s set had the 6 holo energys, so the auction you posted is probably worth less.

Oh are there holo and non-holo versions of each card?

I only see 1 holo energy in this set. Ah that’s a bummer. Good to know though before bidding! lol

Thanks much! =]

Only the energies have a holo and non-holo variant. For the 18 card set, there are 6 holos and 12 non-holos. The total number of cards in the set is 30 cards (18 pokemon, 6 holo energies, 6 non-holo energies)

I didn’t bid on it, though I was horribly tempted. :wink:

Wow, I guess he really didn’t want to sell them at a high price that bad! lol

My budget was way under the $90 they went for anyway… haha.