Mcdonalds e Min set

Ok so I caught the Mcdonalds e-min bug and would like to eventually collect it. I need to try to restrain myself from buying it right now and put it off for a little while to spread my ridiculous purchasing out. But to plan ahead I was wondering how much a NM or Mint set would fetch or if its better to buy the cards one by one or to try to get mint booster packs. I noticed @cbd1235 's collection and got interested.

I think it is usually cheaper to get a whole set :blush:

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Gotcha anyone know what kind of price I’ll be into? Are they something worth getting graded or are they not very rare?

I used to sell the boosters for nearly $50 so I highly don’t suggest that route. I would think that buying a fully complete set would be the most affordable way to collect it.

If you end up missing a card or two then let me know because I have boxes of nonholo doubles and could easily spot cards to complete a set.

Of the set, the only ones worth grading if any are the holo cards. If you were into it then you can catch the odd PSA 10 one for a great price on eBay graded. In general the 10’s don’t sell for a fortune and are reasonable to acquire if you’re into that. But definitely not necessary to go for them graded :blush:

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@cbd1235 you think that the holos are worth getting to grade PSA 10?
They are pretty cheap on Y!J…

Sweet thanks for the help! So do you have extras of all the non holos you might be willing to sell in the future if I could get my hands on the holos? Not sure what route I’ll end up going but looks like a fun set to collect. Thanks for the info!

But will they necessarily get you a 10? Idk its so hard to tell the condition on YJ

Likewise with anything you buy from people.
Usually if they provide pictures of front and back I’m good to go :slight_smile:

Ya but you can ask questions around here whereas its often a hassle to do so with YJ. Also my problem with pictures is while they catch edge wear and corner wear well they don’t always catch scratches or indents on the surfaces :confused:

Asking questions isn’t hard if you have the best middleman service around :wink:

I know what you mean though… Obviously it is optimal to get packs/cards from people here. But a PSA 9 still isn’t shabby to resell

I sold all of mine except the squirtle and larvitar. Those are too great to part with :wink:

As far as mcdonalds cards go, i like the 5 card set with umbreon, tyrogue etc the most. The artwork is awesome plus i love how they all have counterparts in the e series sets

Yeah definitely :blush:

And @pokemontrader, I would personally say that it’s not a great investment to buy the holos on Y!J and grade them because there’s no guarantee of a 10 (you could get 8’s or lower) and mostly only the 10’s increase the value by a large enough margin to make it worth your while. But even with that said, the demand isn’t enormous for the holos in PSA 10 as it stands and therefore I wouldn’t suggest these cards for financial gain. There are other things out there that it is easier to make money on.

Just my opinion! Too risky.

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They holos don’t go for too much IIRC. I used to have over 100 variants of the holo energies, I tried to sell them individually (sometimes even for as low as $2.00 per) but to almost no avail. I eventually had to sell almost all of them as one bulk lot for less than desired lol. I also used to have around 5+ copies of each of the Pokemon holos and do actually have some left.

I can give you a copy of a few of them for free no problem, you would probably appreciate them more than I do anyway haha (they are actually in really nm/mint condition too). I think they are only worth around 10-15 bucks each anyway, and even then some of the ones I had didn’t sell when I listed them for that.

Edit: I PMed you too

Also, There were 2 sets of Mcdonalds promos right? I remember there being a Mew Mcdonalds card that went for well over $100

There are actually 3 sets for the mcdonalds promos, I have one of each pack, 3 different artworks. Think they’re worth a lot now as there are none at all on eBay or anywhere as far as I can see. I’ve looked for ages and can’t find a single pack for sale.

I love the Larivatar. He’s soo cute and awesome looking. I managed to win a psa 10 on auction. For a great price.

How much are these packs worth now? I know some are more rare than others but I’ve had a look and I can’t see anything at all on eBay even from other countries, and I can’t find any website that sells them. I can assure you that I looked at a lot of websites and can’t find them for sale anywhere. I have all 3 different pack artworks.

I don’t intend on opening these packs either because it’s not worth it unless I pulled a sunset mew of course but as with any pack that’s not guaranteed at all. There is only one video on the whole of YouTube with the rarer pack with the sunset mew set. I’ve seen loads of pack openings of the other pack on YouTube but only one for this one and he pulled a sunset mew in it, lucky guy haha. I do love the artworks on these packs though, they are beautiful packs to have.

Have you been able to get hold of any though, as they are non existent at the moment. Just out of interest where did you get them from before? And did you sell them on eBay?

what is y!j, I have no idea haha. I reckon I could make a little money on them but I just bought them because they were really hard to find so when I did I thought there would be a lot of demand. Definitely not planning on opening any though haha