Value Check Help Near Impossible

I realize this is a super tough one but I’d sure appreciate 5 or 10 opinions. I’m trying to help a guy out with a trade. What dollar amount would you put on the below.

X2 shadowless blast 10
X1 shadowless venu 10
X1 shadowless zard 9
X3 unlimited 10 base zards

@garyis2000, about 100k


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It comes down to the value of the shadowless 10s, the zards should be 50k ± a few grand - I´d have estimated the same ballpark as @pokecollectoramy, maybe a few grand higher.

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Just wish I could get a feel on those shadowless 10s:(

Between 85 and 90

Base 10 Unlimited Zards are like $12k each, last ebay sold was 13.1k in Jan? So say $36k trade value for those. Everything else idk

@garyis2000, I’d say between 85-100K would be a fair valuation. The shadowless Blastoise is hard to value due to low population and limited sales, so this is an estimate. You probably have more expertise in this area than the rest of us. :blush:
-Venusaur 10K
-Blastoise (X2) 40-50K
-Charizard 8k
-Charizards (X3) 36-42K

@garyis2000, ran a pricing model and came up with:

X2 shadowless blast 10 - 11,900 perX1 shadowless venu 10 - 5,000
X1 shadowless zard 9 - 7,900
X3 unlimited 10 base zards - 13,400 per

So around $76.9k for the lot.