This is something that really grinds my gears. Vagueness.

I really hate it when people see fit to ‘bait’ other collectors with their vague ‘knowledge’ before vanishing into the night. I’ve seen it countless times before here, on other forums, everywhere. It’s extremely frustrating to be honest.

I really wish that if people had something to say, they’d come out and fucking SAY it rather than some vagueass acedote. :confused:

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Fair call, but please give us some examples. We are all adult enough here to take the criticism if it is a member that has done something. =) Posts such as what’s quoted here and throughout this thread in general. I see plenty of people saying they’ve talked to xyz people but don’t have the consideration to list said people.

Here a two more.

A lot of people here will protect sources. There was a whole discussion on this started by @fourthstartcg.

I understand why they do it, but you’re right that it is annoying to those of us who are trying to meet objectives and goals.


There’s a difference between protecting sources and vagueposting. Likewise, there’s nothing stopping people from saying ‘if you’d like more details, PM me!’ ect. Especially when SEVERAL people, including me, have been searching very hard for certain cards for our collection.

Hiding information deliberately is just rude.

EDIT: I read the thread, but I don’t think that applies in this situation. Explaining which sellers DONT want to sell is hardly breaking confidentiality on sources.

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Exactly. It’s pretty clear this thread is relating to the art academy winners and not much else. Pretty ironic given @skinst’s deliberately vague language in the OP. Some points on this:

  1. The winners who haven’t yet been tracked down probably don’t want to be.
  2. Those who are selling are selling, those who aren’t aren’t. Both, especially those who aren’t selling, probably don’t appreciate constant hounding from collectors.
  3. Many people who are selling have already sold what they want to.
  4. It’s the right of those who did the digging to keep this information hidden. You may not like it, but they have absolutely no obligation to share anything with you.

It is absolutely annoying, I’ll grant you that, but I think you’re greatly overstating this and your thread is merely a product of your frustration that you are unable to procure these art academy cards and not an actual grievance over vague language.


Even if you do not want disclose the seller, then at least name the card.


I kept my VENT (and I capitalise that because people seem to be forgetting where I posted this :confused: ) vague because I didn’t want to call out specific users. I only did when asked. Likewise, while I may’ve linked only posts from that specific thread, there have been other instances in the past that have bothered me. This just came to a head now when all i’d like to know is which sellers aren’t selling, and which are.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people would appreciate knowing that so that they’re NOT hounded. :confused:

And while people might not have any obligation to share anything doesn’t change the fact that I’m pretty peeved over it, as are, as far as I can see, other people. You coming into a vent thread and stating that isn’t going to make anyone any happier, just so you know.

We’re collectors. I would’ve thought it’d be nice for collectors to help each other out instead of being at war with one another. Clearly that isn’t the case anymore.

And furthermore fourth, I’d appreciate it kindly if you didn’t make assumptions and rather asked questions about what I’ve written, thanks.

Exactly. Saying something along the lines of ‘This card owner doesn’t want to sell’ isn’t disclosing a thing except information people want to know. Most people in that thread in particular just want to know whose selling and who isn’t.



I was merely pointing out the irony between your rant on vague language and your use of exceedingly vague language in your post. I also find it funny that you say you don’t want to call out users but then post links to specific posts right away.

As you have a right to vent, I also have a right to say that I think your vent isn’t nearly as warranted as you make it out to be. You of course can be peeved about people not sharing information, but I’m totally within my free range to come here and tell you that you aren’t entitled to that information. It’s a simple back-and-forth.

Your statement that collectors are “at war with each other” and that we don’t help anyone out anymore is, well, simply wrong. You can’t go from people not telling you who’s selling a card to “war.” If you want people to agree with your opinions, you should temper them with a measure of reason.

I don’t disagree with you. This stuff can definitely be really annoying, especially when you’re trying to track down massively difficult cards like the Art Academy ones. But going on a rant about people not revealing all their sources is not the best way to express your frustration, in my opinion.

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I think the points Ethan made are spot on for this 3ds art academy situation.

I feel your frustration @skinst in regards to the art academy cards. However, the reality is that most of the winners have zero knowledge or business experience selling the cards, which is why they are extremely difficult to track down and/or negotiate. Moreover, most of the people who were selling have stopped or become reluctant as they are overwhelmed with inquires.

In my opinion, this could all be easily remedied if they simply listed them on ebay and accepted the offers they wanted for their cards. Here is one from a nice seller whose son won and is also a member of this site.

Ultimately the situation is inherently frustrating. I personally do not like the process, but it is what it is. It is unique to this release as each card is individually owned, which inherently creates a difficult, selective and somewhat secretive marketplace for collectors.


I posted because I was asked. Also, I do have to wonder why you’re taking everything I’ve said so literally. You’ve literally picked apart everything I’ve said and made a heck of a lot of assumptions instead, again, asking questions. You’re kind of coming across as arrogant, in that respect. I’d appreciate it, again, if you asked questions about what I write rather than doing that, thanks, because all you’re succeeding in doing is pissing me off when I’m already in a not very good mood.

Generally, when people post vents they’re not going to ‘temper them with a measure of reason’. That’s why it’s called a VENT. Ironically, never once in my original post did I say anything about ‘sources’, yet you keep referring to that. What I was angry about, and what I stated before, is that people aren’t specifying which cards are out of bounds, so to speak, which is important information that everyone should know.

Also, I’m going to state nicely that I really don’t appreciate your opinion in this instance.

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@skinst is raising a valid point, although it may be worded a little harsh.

I really think we should be helping each other out more, in saying that I understand I’m still relatively new to the scene and there are a lot of factors that are considered before people hand out information that has taken them weeks/months/years to earn.

This is frustrating but the only thing we can do is build our own networks and be more forthcoming ourselves in hopes that encourages others to do the same.


I apologize if I’ve come across as arrogant. I’m a pretty logical person so I do tend to take things literally. As I’ve said multiple times before, I do agree with you on this premise, I just disagree with your general demeanor about the whole thing.

However this does not stop me from being annoyed with you. According to your posts, posting in the Sour Grapes section allows you to say whatever you want, and any other opinions are unwelcome because this is your rant thread. We can’t post opposing opinions because it “isn’t going to make you happier.” Nor can we make any assumptions about why you’re posting what you are without asking you first. You’re free to use whatever far-fetched, accusatory analogies you like because it’s a rant. You want me to clear out because I don’t have the same opinion. Sorry, but that’s not how a forum works. You can’t post a rant thread and expect everyone to agree with you. If you didn’t want varying input, you shouldn’t have made this thread.

I’m referring to sources because that’s what you want people to share. You want to know where people got their information, which cards are being sold by whom, and which cards aren’t being sold. Even those that don’t directly require sources to be named need sources as verification. If I posted ‘The Mew winner isn’t selling,’ I guarantee you I’d get many people asking me how I know this and where I got the info.

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I wanted you to go because I didn’t really like your attitude, NOT because your opinion wasn’t the same as mine. I didn’t like what you said because you made assumptions rather than asking questions, such as asking for clarification on what I said. I’m not fond of people who do that, even less so when I’m annoyed. That, and for no other reasons, was why I didn’t appreciate your presence in my thread.

I want people to say which card holders are selling, and which aren’t. If I want further information, I will PM the user in question if need be, and I will respect them if they say they don’t want to share. What I don’t like, and what I said to begin with in my examples, is people coming in with vague ass info and not clarifying when asked.

I may as well jump in and stir the pot;)
I won’t be specific as to who my comment is directed. I’ll just state my rant

  1. “Grow the f**k up you little baby.”

  2. “The artwork sucks.”

  3. “Here on the U we all help each other out more than any collectible site in the world.”

  4. “Often you must be vague in order to protect others. Plus…why does anybody owe you more than that?”

  5. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think this thread was on PokeBeach or PokeGym where the losers hang out with the ignorant operators.”

  6. “Several winners want nothing to do with any of us. Heck, a couple of them don’t have a clue we even exist.”

  7. “Where the hell did SP learn to be so dam diplomatic? It’s sickening;)”

  8. “I rarely agree with anything you say but this time you have a point.”

  9. "I’m pissed that Trey Goudy doesn’t run for president. We have to choose between garbage like Hillary, Sanders, and Our honorable president while an honest, moral, and competent fighter like Trey sits it out.

Sorry, went a little off topic there lol.

Gary Haas for President


Wow! Thanks. That’s one vote?:thinking:

I am sure your Wife would support you as well. Counting her vote and your own we have a following of 3.

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My wife may pick Carly over me so we’re back to two:(

I can understand why you would not say “I talked to John Doe and they don’t want to sell” or “I talked to acardowner and they don’t want to sell” for their privacy. But how is their privacy being violated by “I talked to the owner of ninja Pikachu card and they don’t want to sell”?

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