UPCCC Giveaway FREE ENTRY! (end Mon. 16 February) [CLOSED]

Hi everyone,
I’m glad to announce the UPCCC Giveaway!

This giveaway include the cards:

Milotic 025/083 Japanese 1st Edition Bulbapedia infoGroudon EX 056/083 Japanese 1st Edition Bulbapedia info
Sea’s Manaphy 005/019 Japanese Bulbapedia infoManaphy’s Egg 016/019 Japanese Bulbapedia infoRota’s Mew 002/020 Japanese Bulbapedia infoRayquaza C [Champion] 078/100 Japanese Bulbapedia infoBlaziken FB [Frontier Brain] Lv.X 020/100 Japanese Bulbapedia infoSwampert 029/100 Japanese Bulbapedia info
1 e-Reader Battle e FireRed & Leaf Green sealed booster pack Bulbapedia info
(Cards condition: MINT)

  • Who can partecipate?

  • Can partecipate only UPCCC members.

  • How long will remain active the giveaway?

  • The giveaway will be online for 7 DAYS. (from Monday 9 February to Monday 16 February)

  • How to partecipate?

  • Partecipate is very easy! Just reply to this thread, easy peasy! (Please reply only one time)

  • How will be chosen the winner?

  • The winner will be chosen at the end of the giveaway, randomly selected with THIS service.

  • I need to pay anything?

  • You don’t need to pay for the giveaway, product or shipping.



Thats cool! :blush:

You are a better man than most of us.

Fantastic giveaway, lets hope I’m lucky! :blush:

Count me in, I hope I get the mew or the booster pack

I’m here to lessen your chances of winning, so count me in!

Thank you for organizing this!

Would love the Milotic, Mew, or Rayquaza!

Awesome :grin:

Wow, thanks!


The winner will get ALL the item listed on the giveaway.

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This is awesome!


I’ll give you one of those if I win

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good luck to all!

Wow very nice of you!

I hope everyone else has bad luck so I win.


Thanks for hosting a epic giveaway :grin:

WOW! Count me in! Thanks! \(・`(ェ)・)/