Ungraded or PSA 8/9 Skyridge Crystal Charizard Reg Holo

Hi all!

I’m really looking for an ungraded or PSA 8/9 regular holo English Crystal Charizard and Crobat in NM condition to buy.

As a secondary priority, I’m looking to get a hold of NM 1st Ed Shining Celebi and Tyranitar too.

If you can help me out, that’d be fantastic. Thanks!

Edit: Slightly updated wants list.

You don’t need references…you just need to ship first:)

That’s true enough, and I’m willing to do that. Put my edit down to a gesture of good faith. :blush:

Bump. Still really looking for both of these Crystal cards in NM condition. Please let me know if you have them and are willing to sell. I’m more than happy to negotiate a good price for us both.

Just thought I’d try one last time. I’m willing to pay reasonably for either of the Crystal cards, especially the Charizard.

Thanks all!

Here are some at the lowest prices.





Hey thanks for the heads up. :blush: I thought I had said in the original post that I was after the regular holo versions, but reading through it again I must’ve accidentally left it out. Thank you very much for the links anyway. Definitely interested in that regular holo Crobat.

Updated my wants list slightly.