Looking for 1st ed shinings, crystals and others

Hey everyone, wondering if anybody (particularly from Aus) may be able to help me out with the following, not really after PSA graded cards as they blow my budget but may consider, generally after nm-m cards, may consider slightly more damage for low prices. Also only collect English cards.

1st ed Shining Charizard
1st ed Shining Kabutops

Skyridge crystals (regular holo) all except kabutops

A heap of reverse holos from aquapolis (let me know if you have a bunch)

Expedition - Regular Holos: mew, mewtwo, ninetales, venasaur, tyranitar.
regular cards 36,39,87,90

Neo genesis unlimited: 28,100,107

Great encounters: Dialga Lv X

Stormfront: Machamp lv X,

I have a no symbol jungle holo jolteon in nm condition. I also have other No symbol jungle holos if you’re interested. Pm me your offer.

Hi Snap,

I have a couple of Jungle Jolteon no symbols, plus a Crystal Lugia and Ho-oh (Ho-oh is reg holo). If you’re not looking for a Crystal Kabutops, does that mean you happen to have one? I’ve been looking for one to upgrade my copy to NM. I’m also looking for 1st edition Shinings (if you have them), and need any aside from Gyarados, Mewtwo and Charizard.

I’m also in Australia. Are you interested in trading?

pms sent

I have Psa crystal kabutops reverse, Psa crystal crobat

PM sent

Are any of the No Symbols graded?


All my no symbols aren’t graded. check out my ebay. i’ve already listed them on ebay.