Ultimate Complete 1st Edition Booster Box Ebay

Is this sexy or what? Im sure Scott and Gary have 50 of these but hey, its still beautiful! I just wanted to show this before I buy it :blush:.

Just kidding.


Price checks out

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@pokemonrevolution you’ve got a fan of your display :grin:


I wish I had 50 of those filled displays lol.

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Wow just leaving steam siege on the curb, add a new slot!


Somebody’s been taking spy photos in my storeroom and uploading them to eBay again. :rofl:

(Seriously, that display is jaw-dropping.)


Thanks guys :blush:


lol totally forgot it was you O.o

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The dream!

:open_mouth: Wow nice!

You made your 50 lol.


Thanks I worked hard at it.

I want to open every one of them. That would seriously be a dream.

Pokemonrevolition, do you have more than 1 set of these? If not, may ask why you are selling? I can only see these increasing over time and I am just curious. Though 500k would probably mean early retirement.

I had seen this listing a while ago and thought about how incredible it was/is! I should have realized it would be an E4 member!!

Probably a showroom piece to get people into his ebay store, similar to how cullers handles his ebay shop.

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This post just made my day. :blush:

I’ll just keep increasing the price on the listing as boxes increase in price. I have more complete sets of 1st ed wotc boxes but only another partial ex series box set. Because of the low print runs ex series boxes are pretty difficult to find.

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Which ex boxes do you find are the hardest to find?