'Type-Break' Auctions?

Is this a new thing that people are trying on as a con? I have never seen it before, but the description the person gives for their ‘Type-Break’ auction makes it seem like the dodgiest attempt at money making ever:


No idea what that means or is lol

The general idea seems to be that the person sells off portions of the box based on type before they open it.
They open it, and then separate the pulls into the types and send you the types that you won.

No way in hell are you going to get a Full Art they pull from it.

Wow that is really a smart guy… I would have never gotten the idea to do this… I guess that’s really a good way to make money

nice little scam which most won’t think is a scam till they receive the cards lol

To be honest, if a friend was doing this I may be tempted as a little bit of fun. But through ebay just seems a little dodgy…

LOL I feel sad for anyone who people who don’t do their research and choose the lowest type card available or something that doesn’t exist for that expansion (ie dragon)

This is common with sports cards. People do a box break usually with the potential to get a signed piece of memorabilia which is very rare/valuable. Either way it is a chance listing which are technically against ebay policy but they are constantly on ebay.

I don’t know if this is worse in pokemon than the stupid random lot auctions with pictures of charizard cards you will never receive.

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Fun idea but it seems like an easy opportunity to scam others.

Sounds like a huge gamble to me. Wouldn’t even do it for fun.

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I’d much rather buy the whole box