2020 Super Break Pokemon Poke Stars Buyback Edition Box

Was just browsing around today and found this:
What do people think about this? Seems like it’ll be too good to be true but is the type of thing that might instantly sell out.

What do they mean by buyback card? Like a card that is worth $150?

I think it looks like a scam and lottery sellers are pretty scummy


I assume by “buyback card” they mean they will buy the card from you if you don’t want it?

Why not just sell scratch tickets? or a $1 per spin wheel on their website with cash prizes?

For the uninitiated, in sports a “buyback” is a card that a company will “buy back” from the secondary market and repackage into a new product. Sometimes they’ll have the player sign it or add hand numbering to make it unique. So this is where I think they’re coming from.

Basically they’re gonna buy a bunch of stuff, turn it into a grab bag, and list it for sale. It’s like those “1 RANDOM CHARIZARD CARD GOLD STAR? SHINING?” eBay listings that we all love to hate. Although since it’s being done by a reputable company, I would assume there’s actually a chance of getting something good instead of it being a total scam.


This is a mystery box with no additional merits.


i’d rather buy a mystery box from blowout than from some 3rd party seller at walmart or ebay (if i were buying mystery boxes)

I’d rather not buy mystery boxes at all ever


Just more bullshit, plain and simple. There are plenty more economical ways of purchasing light Base set 2 boosters and PSA 7 unlimited Nidoqueens.

Offcourse, they’re going to sell quicker than hell because there is probably a NM Shadowless Zord or something hidden in one of the boxes.

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based on the title of the thread I thought this was going to be the name of an official TPCI product

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@nish, mystery boxes are no different than tcg packs as long as you trust the company packing them. imo blowout is one of the most reputable in the hobby.

the sad part about this is that those boxes will still fly off the shelves

What blowout is doing and what TPCi/TPC do are not the same. Pokemon company is a manufacturer and you are a consumer. They make the product, they sell the product to distributors, you buy the product from the distributors, everyone makes money except for the consumer. From what I understand, blowout will be buying already in circulation cards from the open market (which is already at a premium vs distributor cost) and then repackaging them and selling them back to the same audience that they bought them from in random packs. There’s no way that they could make money here unless they shafted some people. You can’t buy from a consumer and resell to a consumer and make money without ripping someone off

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this is some bullshit lol
1 “graded gem char” guaranteed! enjoy your gma 10 evolutions charmander!



Mystery boxes like this give me bad vibes… Just spend the money on cards you want or put that money towards a larger purchase. Whenever I see anyone open a mystery box like this, it’s always underwhelming.


This has scam written all over it.

It’s called a “Box”, but each $150 box is only guaranteed to contain:
-1 Graded BuyBack Card Per Box

So for $150 you can have a PSA 4 Unlimited Fossil Zubat! Or a GMA 7 Unlimited Base Growlithe!

It then goes on to say 1 “Char” per case… How many boxes per case? 36? 72? 720?

But wait… Look out for sealed packs! Hope you need some more Crimson Invasion.

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@nish, i understand the frustration, but these types of products are common in sports, so much so that Topps officially releases buybacks as official products. although i doubt it, i wouldn’t be surprised if TPC went straight full cash grab with their own mystery boxes.

That would technically be TWO graded Charizards :wink:

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That is what confused me… what is a “char” lol charizard? character? & how many boxes are in a case! Gambling woo!