Trying to rebuild! 26 years old, nostalgia trippin hard!

Recent Additions (PTCG) POKEMON

Hello! Been lurking for a long time, and finally just need/ crave intelligent discussion about the hobby too badly to stand it!! Please analyze, critic, evaluate, grade anything you see!! I thank you for your time!! Just excited :blush: check out my 1st edition Charizard post for some more info! Take care good people. :blush:


Nice additions good work !

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Thank you so much!!

Check this too!

Gold Star Mew - - my new baby :blush:

The Mew looks like it’s in pretty good shape!

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I am so hoping for a 9!

Nice start. Keep it up:)

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Thank you so much! Lost most of my original cards from the 90s, so this is like a soul journey!! If you have any interesting tips or fun things to discuss ever, hit me up! Thanks again and take care!