TRR Reverse Holo Question

I was through my Team Rocket Returns reverse holos (as one does on a Thursday night) and I noticed that my Dark Steelix has a swirl within the typical reverse holo pattern. I went through other stamped rares that are holos and didn’t notice any other swirls or cosmos holo patterns. I also didn’t have any luck researching online.

Is this just a rare occurrence or some sort of misprint?


This is not a rare occurrence or a misprint.

All TRR reverse holos have both the reverse holo pattern (energy symbols, stamp) and a normal cosmos holo pattern visible. Swirls can be found on any of the reverse holos. Aren’t they beautiful? :smiling_face_with_tear:


Not too rare, though possibly hard to distinguish with everything else going on in the holo. I have a few. I’ll look through anther time, as I’m curious to know how frequent mine are. I chose to look at my Arita set tonight. :smile: Great placement on that steelix tho! I’m definitely jealous.

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they’re definitely nice. too bad about the borders