Trading Figure Game (The Cards)

It’s an awkward thing to title, but I’m inquiring about the cards that were included with the official Trading Figure Game boosters. My questions are as follows:

  1. Exactly how many different cards were released and what are they?
  2. Do the cards that appear to have been released twice have any variation in the prints for each release?
  3. There has been mention in the past of official unreleased Trading Figure Game pieces being obtained. Did any of these contain unreleased cards?

I believe that is all, but more questions may come up as a result of the responses to this. I have looked around online and been either confused or unsatisfied with the results, so having this information in one place seems valuable. Thanks for any and all help!

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I have a small lot of the cards. I don’t know how many were made, but maybe I can list the ones I do have. They may have had set numbers or symbols. Most of the third unreleased set came from sellers in China (worked for the factories probably) so they almost never came with cards or packaging.

Sure! That would help. Here is what I have, to avoid repeat. Please forgive terrible camera quality.

The first group has this set symbol:

They have a 2006-2007 copyright date. I have 3/8 (Max Revive), 6/8 (Switch), 7/8 (X Accuracy), and 8/8 (X Attack).

The second group has this set symbol:

They have a 2007 copyright date. I have 4/8 (Swap Spots) and 8/8 (X Special).

Ok so here is what I have maybe we can make a more complete list if others help.

Full heal 1/8
Long throw 2/8
Max revive 3/8
Scoop up 4/8 it does have a set symbol - kind of a leaf inside a ring
Swap spots 5/8
switch 6/8
X accuracy 7/8
X attack 8/8

Special Veil 3/8 ( different set with a triangle symbol, looks like lightning bolt inside triangle)

I do have a few extras, and now that I see there is 1 with mewtwo I really want that card!

Next Quest; Groundbreakers

Thanks Nathan.
That is a lot clearer than the awkward list on the main TFG page of bulbapedia.

Also, are the set symbols different for the repeating cards between the two releases? The repeats link to the same scan there.

They are. Bulbapedia just limits the images it has to one of each artwork for Trading Cards. I’ll see what I can do about that terrible list you found. This is the first time I’m seeing it and it’s awful.

I appreciate the help!
Don’t want the criticism to seem mean-spirited.

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Oh, don’t worry. It isn’t. If something is misleading or confusing, it deserves to be criticized and improved. I’m hoping this list is now an improvement?

Yeah, that’s legit. Very helpful.