To Open a Case, Or To Not Open a Case, NEED OPNIONS!!

What’s up Guys,

So I’m trying to figure out what to do in this tough situation.

Few Weeks back I bought a “Mint” Japanese Shining Neo 4 Set.

Seller told me they had been sleeve and stored since the cards first came out.

Upon receiving them, they all looked to be in great condition! So Of course I sent them off to PSA!

Well here are the results…

Now, I could understand, If maybe one card had the “Altered” problem.

But 2??!! Something doesn’t seem right.

If you guys could give me your Opinion that would be great!

Has your return had any other information about what they think was altered on it?

Could be a trimmed edge or recolouring the edges?

I’d wait until you get them back to closely inspect them yourself. If the guy has sold you the set of them and only 2 have triggered a response from PSA then I don’t think the guy has intentionally deceoved you.

Well the thing is, If it was one card I wouldn’t really think anything of it.

But for PSA to say two cards were messed with raises an eyebrow.

Who’s not to say those two when selling were less then mint, and he tried touching them up a bit before sending?

Yeah I see your predicament. I wouldn’t use the PSA response as a way to try and get the guy to refund you. I’d message him with something subtle to probe his response about it all. Mention that 2 of them look a bit odd when compared to your other copies of the card or something.

If he doesn’t think he is being interrogated he will act natural and you can get some gauge on him.


I’d be upset…at myself;)

Only buy from high rated dependable sellers. Check feedback. Examine cards closely before submitting to PSA.
Some of your difficulty may have been averted if you’d done these few things, Gambling on sellers with little history can end up being disappointing.
High rated sellers can make mistakes but they will fix the problem.


Look up the seller

This was the same guy who sold a Trophy Khan recently…

And also selling other high end collectibles :slightly_frowning_face: and only has had positive feedback!

Resubmit it. It’ll probably get graded the second time.

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Well the seller is claiming he did nothing to them and can’t do anything about it since I saw images before hand

Its probably just a really picky grader more than anything else. I highly doubt the seller wouldve modified the cards to be honest.


Couple things

-Congrats on the Noctowl
-I’ll be piggy backing off of everyone elses comments
-I would notify the seller right away and ask for a partial refund
-Crack those things open, check for altered work, if none re-send them in. I’ve had cards that were “altered” in the past but once submitted a second time they graded fine.


Seller told me this:

"I do not believe they were not tampered with in any way (I suggest you find out from PSA what they are referring to) – BUT you saw the cards and sent them to PSA so clearly you couldn’t have thought they were bad or damaged (neither did I and I bought them in good faith just like you did). Anyway, how do I know you didn’t tamper with them? IF there was a clear problem you would have mentioned it once you received the card and you certainly wouldn’t have sent them to PSA – so think you’re being a bit unrealistic. Clearly I can understand your disappointment but similarly I accept no responsibility for PSA and their grading – the cards looked great to me and most people would say they look great too.

Sorry nothing I can do nor will I refund any money and think that is a bit unrealistic on your part. Clearly there is no way of predicting how PSA grade their cards – that’s your choice if you want to grade them."

Thats near enough what I would reply to someone if they purchased cards from me and this happens. As far as on a seller point of view all items should be checked on arrival and if their sent for grading then clearly as a buyer they looked good enough as any sort of tampering is usually visible especially on pokemon cards.

I had something like this when I sold a mint flareon gold star but the buyer got it graded and it got a 6 somehow but I know for a fact that was PSA fault. I won the ebay case, paypal case and then he opened a claimback case which I couldnt win.

I say wait for them to arrive double check them if they look fine it must be a crappy grader who made a wrong decision but if they come back the same try to work something out with the seller or worst case open a case.

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Hmmm. This is pretty interesting. The seller is of course correct that he/she bears no responsibility for PSA grades, and you yourself said that the cards looked great. I would not try to attempt to get a refund out of this. You probably could given eBay’s policies, but it’s kinda a dick move. While it’s fishy, it’s hard to place direct blame on the seller. He/she could have bought doctored cards to begin with, or the cards could have been altered by anyone who owned them during their lifetime. N-5 is such a wide qualifier that you can’t be sure what was actually wrong with the card. For those who haven’t seen it:

N-5 Altered Stock - This term is used when the paper stock is altered in one or more of the following ways: Stretching and trimming, recoloring and restoring, trimming and recoloring, restoring and trimming, crease or wrinkle is pressed out, or gloss is enhanced.

IMO, the seller is not actually nor morally obligated to provide you with any sort of refund. It really sucks that the cards came back ungraded though. I would do what everyone else has said and resend them in and see if they get graded.


When I read this I assumed the seller was new cause that description would mean mint. When cards come out of packs they aren’t 7s with multiple altereds.
So…I disagree with most of the comments above. He lied about condition and then he insulted you by saying maybe YOU altered them.
Yes, you should have looked at the cards closer then returned them. That’s your fault so you must keep the cards.
But he’s a dick so leave him a negative explaining why.



Have you got the cards back yet @swolepoke?

Might be worth thoroughly inspecting them to see if maybe they could get a higher grade.

@pottsinator had cards come back saying they were altered (I think they were Charizards). Did you find out why Potts?

This is quite discerning … I thought that PSA may grade the card as ST or MK ( Stains and / or marks ) on the card if there we’re signs of colouring or what have you. That completely sucks that they will just say 100% no.

The seller should reimburse you, you have evidence from a 3rd party authenticator that the goods he sold we’re tarnished, he was the last party to sell these. He needs to pay.

He also looks dodgy, and I have the assumption that his other sales with the post it notes on it, may of also been rejected stock.

When I looked them over again I couldn’t see anything wrong with them… but I didn’t bother sending them back in since I had got two 10s from the lot I bought. I didn’t understand why some were “altered” and some were 10s… lol :unamused:

That is exceptionally interesting given your natural eye for grading cards.

Would you mind sharing pictures of them (provided you still have them)?

Thanks everyone.

I’m just going to take the hit and keep them. Don’t feel like dealing with a case and everything.

Plus I think I have some I think buying them as is so it all works out :blush:

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