To any UK users who have sent to PSA...

Need advice on postage.

Is there any need to splash out on a courier service, or is Royal Mail 1st class tracked good enough? Basically I want the most reliable option, as I’m sending a crap load of very rare cards. Money couldn’t replace them, so I just don’t want to take any risks. If people could share their experiences here, it would be much appreciated.


I personally wouldnt use Royal mail as there packages tend to take around 7-10 days to get to PSA due to them arriving in NY first and then an extra few days to get to California.

If you want to use RM there best option is the Airsure which is the fastest option which will get there in 10 odd day. I personally use Fedex as they cost around £25-30 through Parcels2go and the deliver within 1-3 days.

If you use fedex just make sure you send to the correct address as PSA has a seperate address for fedex packages.

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Cheers for the info. So parcels2go is with FedEx? I’ll check that out. I went on FedEx website and it was like £90.

I’m in no hurry for these, as I have asked for 50 day turnaround. I won’t be in the UK to collect them when they come back anyway! They’ll either need to be sent to me in China once they arrive in UK, or I’ll pick them up next time in in the country.

Parcels2go has a contract with all the main couriers so they supply the services much cheaper. You have the option of DHL, UPS etc aswell but fedex has been the best for me.

Thanks. Just a heads up for others reading this - PSA doesn’t accept UPS or DHL, so yeah FedEx is the choice.

I’m not getting a FedEx option? Perhaps it’s where I live?

Just pop in to Vegas here and we’ll drive down to Newport Beach and hand deliver;) May be more expensive but you might win in our casinos plus have a lot more fun:)


That shouldn’t be a problem. Try messaging parcels2go in the morning see what they say.

I was there this time last year. Had a blast! Will return at some point for sure

Hey hun,

I saw your post how much is it to sign up, and send to PSA as you stated a middleman is costly though what about insurance ?

Jamie :blush:

Incredibly frustrating. Today was the last day for me to receive the 1st edition set in the post.

I was delaying sending to PSA, now completely run out of time as I return to china on the 27th.

Will have to look into FedEx from china.