Thin Stamp 1st Edition Base Non Holo

Found a thin stamp 1st Edition Base Rattata, as far as I know these are pretty rare. How rare are thin stamp 1st Edition Base Non Holos, does anyone have a guess on price? It is raw but I would say it could grade a PSA 8. I am aware this would probably be a very niche piece, and prices could widely vary.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Anytime these come up for discussion, I always reference @quuador article (linked below). The article touches a small bit on it and it seems that they are extremely rare. To your point, they are very niche and therefore would be tough to estimate a price. Not sure how many people are actually aware of such variant and are actively looking for them.

1st edition stamp variations - ‘Let’s Iron It Out!’


Can you upload a photo?



@smpratte ,has the rumblies that only ratatta can satisfy…

edit: That is really cool. I’ve never had one. Super niche as stated, but super rare, so somebody wants it.

Sounds like there is literally only a handful of these then and absolutely no price data

Yes they are not common and still not fully understood.

I love the mysterious implication of “cards we do not yet understand.” The scientific community is divided. The truth is out there.

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Honestly the truth is probably not that exciting…

WOTC employee: “Ahh S*** I used the wrong stamp press… ehh, who will notice anyway?”

Collectors: (Triggered!)

As a species we crave significance in the truth that it all means absolutely nothing, but it’s fun as hell to care!

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Actually, the non-holo thin stamp Base Set cards are usually not as thin as actual Thin 1st edition stamps we see on holofoil Base Set cards, other WotC era sets, or other languages. The width of the “1” is kinda in between an actual Thin and Thick stamp. Here an example of all three stamps (in the order non-holo thin Base Set; actual Thin stamp; Thick stamp from left to right - the non-holo thin Base Set stamp is graded, otherwise I would have put them in increasing order…):

So they didn’t accidently used the Thin stamps for some non-holo Common/Uncommon sheets, but instead it’s just a printing error like grey stamps, back imprinted stamps, etc.
Some of the non-holo thin stamps I’ve seen were also partially smudged with black ink, further explaining why it got a thin stamp. Like this Red Cheeks Pikachu at the top for example (not mine :slightly_frowning_face: ):

Thanks for the tag and link to my article, @waynesworld . And nice non-holo thin stamp Rattata, @ccrntrade ! :blush: