The time has come..

Ok guys, for my next little project I am going to try and score a PSA 10 Rayquaza EX Full Art from Dragons Exalted. I’ve already graded around 12 of these and no luck! I know it’s possible because a Mew Full Art has finally been graded “10!”

I need your help if anyone has any MINTY MINT Rays from that set to please contact me! :grin: Thanks :blush:

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I was wondering when you’d go all in with this one haha. I sent one a while ago that might score a 10. Just haven’t heard back from PSA lol.

Better not be my one =p

If it does…

You know where I am. ;p

Oh no, you caught me… Lol, jk. Yours was at PSA long before I picked up the other one lol.

Definitely man, I’ll let you know. Good luck with the hunt! :blush:

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I have a PSA 9 that looks very promising for a 10. I think I will be regrading it (in the slab) with my next PSA submission. Best of luck to you, and me :grin:

I have 27 of these saved up.


I think I have about 5 or so left, but none are 10’s. Tiny edgewear on the backs =(

Just a question though, what would a 10 be worth?

Whatever the seller decides to list it for.

More realistically, and judging from the prices of stuff like Charizard FAs/Secrets. It’d easily hit 500+, maybe even 1000. Especially because it’s been a few years and there aren’t any 10s.


Share the wealth man! :blush:

I actually don’t, it’s more like 11. None of them are PSA 10 chance at all though.



Who got it!!?


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The question is. What is it worth?

@pottsinator 's soul for starters.

Lowball quess, at least $300 if you try selling it publicly. It may not reach numbers like what one of english psa 10 full art Charizard just ended but it’s still really wanted collectible for many. :blush: