The modern Japanese Pokemon card market was in a speculative bubble

Not true for everyone.

Even if the slabbed card was bought, I still have emotional attachment to it that I would be reluctant to sell.

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Some good information to put out there. Don’t want to just put it on Discord where it will get lost in the chat. This is a line chart with all the PSA 10 Pikachu (Yen)100,000+ (X>$720) averaged out on a chart. Overall high end Pikachu cards are doing well compared to other cards in a similar vain.

Not. a big surprise since pikachu. collectors take up majority of the space, but some good information non-the-less.

Goes to show releases and rarity matter the most in down markets.


Do you need to look at the graph again?

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Let me just post my graphs and leave me alone bunny man >:[

Does it mean i should remortgage my home and buy now as rhe next cycle starts.

Totally financial advice, all in yolo. Moon emojis

It all depends on whether you consider “a” or “b” to be the “bull trap”

Was kidding, cardboard is for fun, matters even less in the long run, could go up, could go down, could do nothing. Happy too look at pictures regardless.