The great e4 flipping challenge

Just pitching out an idea I have had for a while now. I would like to see a year long event where participants all start with the same dollar amount. The amount can be agreed upon later. Let’s say for arguments sake 250 euro. If the date is the 1st of january 2024, the winner will be announced 1st of january 2025 by amassing the best collection (or highest dollar amount). Each participant can do monthly recaps of everything bought and sold. It should be entertaining at least and hopefully everyone who enters adds some free cards to their collection. The winner can be crowned king flipper! What do you guys think?


Flipper King Sher :crown:


Is this similar to this thread? The Great E4 Speculation Contest


Hi, no not really.

Premise is that everyone starts with the same amount and buys and sells as many cards as they like over the year in order to make the most profit. With real money and real purchases.

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Nice try IRS


The E4 x r/Pokeinvesting collab that we never knew we wanted!

I know you’re probably just trying to have fun and engage the community but one of the main reasons I like E4 is the absence of the whole “flipper mentality”. It’s refreshing to go on a Pokemon card forum and see money, stonks and profit not be the #1 driving force behind discussion.

Just my 2 cents (or 2.7 CAD cents). If people want some friendly competition then that’s fine and dandy.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flipping, I just personally don’t associate it much with the E4 forum

Edit @ddk beat me to it!

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Maybe another contest could be tracking purchased card price vs market value at time of purchase. Person who saved the most wins.

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Id prefer a race to the bottom. Collection quantity over max quality.

Start with 1 psa10 card that is at that value and see how many goals and sets you can complete through trades. Can you get a complete base set in moderate condition? Maybe just Jungle set? Maybe every modern booster pack of the current era?

The possibilities of collections would be unique while still letting people vote at the end for who ended with the best tradeoffs from a single card.

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I like the idea!

I don’t flip that much anymore, as it takes more time than I’d like, and I probably wasn’t great at it, but it was one of the ways my current budget for spending on cards came to be. I also think I just generally get a kick out of seeing under-market deals/purchases (even if they’re not mine).

I was expecting you to mean purchase a PSA 10 and whoever’s PSA 10 is worth the least at the end of the year wins :laughing:

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If you want to lose while winning, thats also a choice that can happen.

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