The Great 9-page Placement Theorycrafting Thread

I sometimes make spreadsheets and paint images of how I want / imagine future projects to look and I created this thread to receive some feedback basically. So feel free to suggest adding cards / removing cards!

For now I’m gonna start to pick up my Gyarados again and try to sport a decent collection by the end of 2016!

At the same time it would be fun if people showed off their own 9-page setup or even PSA collection showcases so feel free to do just that!
Page 1 / 2

Page 3
(Page 4 is for Japanese VS cards, Ancient Origins and Promos!)

Page 5 / 6

Page 7 / 9-page Template

Paging @azulryu @shizzlemetimbers did I miss anything important? :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s a link to my Spreadsheet (it can be a bit hard to understand but two upper case letters mean a set with two words for exampel Team Rocket “TR” and an upper case letter followed by a lower case means a one letter set for exampel Skyridge “Sk”, and then it’s just the Gyarados number in the set (and a R after the set number means a reverse card)):

Direct link to 9-page Template for download if anyone’s interested!


Great idea :blush: I personally want to put my Salamences on release order, for example first there are the ones from EX Dragon. Starting with the holo version, first there is the japanese one, then English holo and reverse holo and so on. The holo version comes first obviously because it’s first of the two Salamences on the set list. When I keep getting new cards I fix the order and add the cards to their right places. Might do templates too for what the finished collection would look like :blush:


@zenard , your assortment is very similar to mine! Though typically I put non-holos first, THEN reverse holos, and then holos, but I might just change that now after viewing yours. Didn’t know they had a reverse holo for the Spirit Link either.

If you want to fill in the missing space with the UK 4th Print of the Base Set (where the copyright says 1999-2000 instead of just 1999), you could do that, or do it with one of the alternate Thick/Thin Stamps. As it is, the 4th Print is harder to find at this point than that Thick/Thin stamps.

You’re also missing what I call “namesake” cards. The cards that have the name of the set printed with the image. This includes:

  • EX Deoxys
  • EX Holon Phantoms
  • EX Team Rocket Returns

The Stormfront Gyarados has 3 English alts. Reverse Holo, Non-Holo, and the Pokemon World Championships.

Platinum Gyarados G has a reverse holo and non-holo version.

EX Dragon Gyarados has a pre-release version, a non holo, and a reverse holo.

Legendary Treasures has a non-holo and reverse holo.

Dragons Exalted has a non-holo, reverse holo, and a holo version (the holo version is from the Blister Cosmos).

I also don’t see any of the Ancient Origins set.

Otherwise, as far as I can tell, you’re all set. Keep up the good work!


Great idea. Kinda like prep work.
Well done.

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Very nice. I think the 99-2000 base set is another missing one.

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Thanks a bunch for the input! Forgot about the thick / thin stamps and didn’t even know that the 4th print existed x’D (might even save the spot for the inevitable Snap Gyarados huehue)

I will (at first at least) avoid reverse holos of non holo cards since they don’t change the artwork any! Haven’t decided if I will go Holo > Reverse > Non Holo or Holo > Non Holo > Reverse yet though!

Awesome setup! Nothing else I can really add to what @azulryu said other than depends how crazy you want to go. A few more Gyarados to look at adding:

Lance and Clair’s Gyarados
New Year Present Fan Club Promo Jumbo
Lucky Stadium Promo featuring Gyarados
Pokemon Rumble/Scramble Starmie with Gyarados in background
Two code variations on the EX Dragon Gyarados uncommon
Then you have the HGSS Gyarados and Raichu 2 player deck that has Gyarados on the bottom right of every card
Few other error or similar cards, best to have a set collection in mind as there are a lot of different paths to take!


Think azul had a square cut shining, u could perhaps include that if u were that way inclined

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No problem. And yeah. You could add square cuts. If you’re going for a full collection too, add the ones Shizzle stated as I forgot to point those out. Haha. There are QUITE a lot of English variants.

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You need to go for any and evey card, all languages, that makes it much more fun.

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@shizzlemetimbers Lance and Claire will probably be my only non English cards for now (besides base set) They will be on Page 4 with my Ancient Origins stuff and promos!

@aj1 Haha oh god no, it’s enough already as it is! xD :grin:

@azulryu found the Legendary Treasures and Dragons Exalted holos but can’t find anything on Gyarados G holo or the EX Dragon holo, any leads? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! Personally I like to put the most noticeable cards - such as the Legendary Collection RH Gyarados - in the middle.

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Is this thread for card choices or just placements? If the former then I think you must get Japanese shining and gold star Gyarados. Two of my favourites!

Both! Trying to limit myself to English for now though!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gyarados G is 30/127 from Platinum rare and reverse holo
EX Dragon is 32/97, There is prerelease, uncommon and reverse holo

So there’s no holo version of either?

So Japanese base set wouldn’t go first in your opinion @zenard?


No holos for those guys, that prerelease is a bit tough to find also

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English master race, come at me bruh!