The Giant Floppy Taco Rudy Thread

lol people get so worked up misunderstanding text. It wasn’t sarcasm. Based on your perspective that he lacks nuance, I called him clueless, which again seems like an apt description of him.

People who advise and pretend not to advise - I don’t see why I should or would sugarcoat what they are, which is clueless at best and manipulative and deceitful at worse.

I don’t tend to watch him at all unless someone here links a video. Given you have a more balanced/positive view of him, I asked for your opinion. That’s about it.

How would it be gaslighting when I’ve explained that it wasn’t sarcastic?

If you want to get worked up by such irrelevant topics, then you do you. It’s not so serious.

I listened to it last night. Rudy basically just reaffirming his case that SWSH is a very strong era/block for Pokemon and that the uniqueness of Alt Arts and ‘vibe’ were always going to be in-demand in the long-term, and that made him very confident into building a large position in it. He said even he’s blown away by the uptick and performance of the singles, many of which he feels were way overlooked.

I have to say, I agree with him on some of these points. For example, I always liked the Gengar VMAX and I remember just how cheap Fusion Strike boxes were a couple years ago. Even I bought a couple and stored them away because they were just so cheap at the time and my LGS was running promos trying to get rid of it.

I think another thing that makes SWSH interesting is that the SV era just hasn’t been that great so far. Outside of 151 and a few other singles, it just hasn’t even come close to SWSH so far it seems and this too I feel has increased the demand on SWSH even more (singles + sealed).

Where I do think Rudy overlooks things though is in regard to vintage Pokemon & singles. He seems to have this idea there’s just too many old Pokemon cards printed to make it ‘investable’… but I feel he could be underestimating it depending on the card/set. It’s interesting to me that he views vintage singles in this way, but yet he’s not concerned about the potential massive populations of SWSH Alt Arts… which could very well be more common than 1st Ed Base Set holos for example. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next while for sure.

Rudy himself says he knows next to nothing when it comes to modern singles, i would imagine his knowledge is equally poor on the vintage side.


Any of his missteps are just pure theater for entertainment, I don’t buy it when he pretends he doesn’t know what moonbreon is. He messes up on purpose to get people engaged. Hell I’m falling for it right here. What a huckster.

Rudy’s strength is being able to buy whatever he wants in whatever quantity he wants for whatever tcg he wants and being able to sit on it for however long he wants.


I mean, of course he knows which cards are which but i meant like he won’t follow up closely the ups and downs on singles, limited distribution of x promos, graded market, etc.

I apologise for taking it in the wrong way, I’ll update my replies, it just seemed super sarcastic when I first read it!

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In a 3 ring binder is wild!

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Big flex eh

any magic expert know what kinda value all that was? Whats a good comparison (if there is one) for pokemon cards

It would be like a full 2 pages of each of the most expensive pokemon (raw) set cards


Not sure if this belongs here, but I feel like it’s something Rudy will discuss:

It’s because they’re about to start selling junk slabs


That’s absolutely bananas