The Card That Brought Me Back Into Collecting (Share Yours!)

As most of you, I was a 90s Kid :blush:

So growing up, collecting Pokemon was everything to me…

But like all good things, it came to an end around the age of 13/14 when I switched to Yugi-Oh lol :sob:

Well it was around two years and a half years ago, on my 19th birthday, my Mom bought me a couple Black and White booster packs!

Had so much fun opening them I decided to search the web to see what I had been missing all these years!!

On that day I stumbled upon this

The artwork, the VS card style, The Fact that it was “Rocket’s”, blew my mind!!

So I went ahead and purchased a copy, and from then on out, to this day, I have been collecting since :grin:


This one :blush: I got back into Pokemon by playing through Diamond, and I always wanted to get a Darkrai, but I couldn’t because it was event-only and all that jazz. I was super happy when I found out that I could buy an amazing-looking Darkrai card instead! Shameless collection-showcasing with my PSA 10 copy :blush:


I got back into collecting about a year and a half ago as well. The Goldstars really caught my eye, but out of all of them, Rayquaza :sunglasses:


The cards that got me backinto collecting were the normal 2010 lottery set 71-76LP as I didnt know of shiny version cards at that point and that amazed me so I bought that set which I still own sealed. Then after months of research and what not I got to know of the Gold stars before them and other rare cards so I was hooked again from that point onwards.


For me, it all started when I watched an opening or Fire Red Leaf Green on YouTube. One of the cards pulled was a Charizard EX, and it was awesome! I then started looking into the Base Set Charizard, learning about all the different varieties such as 1st Ed, Shadowless, Unlimited etc. Nostalgia soon kicked in…

This all happened to coincide with a tax rebate that received from the government that I was expecting! Low and behold, I spent it on a PSA 8 1st Edition Charizard. What I regret is then selling said Charizard about a year later! But all was not lost…I brought balance to the Force.
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Being born in the 90’s can lead to a VERY expensive hobby! But I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Dragonite movie promo


Your signature cards are seriously the coolest cards I’ve ever seen! How do you go about doing this?? lol

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I started collecting again around the time that Legendary Treasures released. For me though, it wasn’t a specific card, but rather one of my brothers. He’s really into Pokémon and one day he showed me his cards. I found it interesting that there were new cards called “EX” and so naturally, I started researching some more on these cards. I eventually started watching booster openings on YouTube, and I’ve been collecting again ever since. My brother and I now open up booster boxes together for each new release :blush:



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For me it was the Rotoms in Rising Rivals. I was very adamant about getting a complete pokedex of all 493 pokemon (at the time) and all their forms. All I needed left was rotom’s forms. I stumbled upon pokegym, started trading and the rest is history!

Not single card but first thing that got me back to collecting was buying complete Base/Jungle/Fossil/Team Rocket sets, never managed to finish those as a kid. PSA 10 Crystal Kingdra truly ignited my interest for serious collecting.


Base set mewtwo. Saw a pic of him on Instagram and here I am a year later rein acting my childhood days filling binders with cards, only this time it’s Japanese cards!


The 2011 McDonald’s Pokemon Promotional Set in U.S. Happy Meals came out during marching band season. Because it was cheap, we ate there often during full practices. I got the bug hard and went all in. Completed the set pretty quick with 40-50 friends helping. Haha.

I never really stopped from there. I’ve had a blast collecting ever since. I’ve made so many friends from around the world and its been one of the most wholly gratifying endeavors of my lifetime.

Many downs, but many more ups. Looking forward to giving it many more years to come and keeping the friendships for life.


I always felt like Plankton when I was on the synth in marching band. Lol

It wasn’t one specific card for me. When I was 12-13 years old I stopped collecting pokemon cards. I seemed like everyone switched over to yugioh cards. So I went to. At about 15-16 years old I put my pokemon card collection for sale on Ebay. I did it in order to pay for a Playstation 3 system. Which, I severely regret. In my sophmore year of college (about 19 years old), I started looking up some cards on Ebay for the hell of it. That’s why I finally started collecting again. I started with Triumphant booster packs and also bought a bunch of older singles and Ex: Series Booster Packs from TrollandToad. It was about a year after that, that pokemon cards started to come back strong. Prices started increasing and alot more people started collecting. I can’t believe it’s been over 5 years already… Been going strong ever since. Now, I own probably 75% or so of every English + Japanese booster pack card realeased. And it was also the Neo Destiny Shinings that I always wanted, but never got other than (I think) Noctowl + Kabutops until a few years ago. I stopped after Neo Revelation when I was a kid.

Finding my old cards last september. I was moving out of my room and while cleaning it I found some cards I had kept from when I was about 12. They were Dark Charizard, Missing Hp Dark Persian, Mew promo, Meowth GB promo, Scizor, JP Scyther, and some other wotc and yugioh cards. Right then and there I realized that I never got the chance to own a Base Set Charizard. So I went on ebay and saw a NM one for cheap, so I bought it. When
I recieved it, I instantly got addicted and now i went from just owning that one zard to completing the Base, Jungle, and Fossil sets. Plus a bunch of B&W, X&Y cards I’ve pulled.


There wasn’t a specific card that got me back into collecting when i started back in January 2015 but rather the whole base set as those were cards i played most with as a kid.

I recently found 7 base set cards from the UK print which i didn’t know i had, they were in between a load of A4 plastic wallets inside a random binder in the garage and they are pack fresh :blush:
Base set will always be No.1 for me :blush:


For me it was the Black Star Promo Entei card!
I remember looking through my old cards some years ago and the thought hit me that I would perhaps turn to the internet to find some of the cards I could never get my hands on at the schoolyard as a kid.
So I had a look on ebay to find some of the cards that I wanted most of all and came across the Entei - Sealed and for an extremely good price. I had no idea that they were that common!
So I ordered a couple of them to test the water of buying cards online, that was the start of my return :grin: