Team Rocket's Hitmonchan Jumbo

Hey guys, what is the value of this jumbo? It is definitely the rarest English Jumbo, recently replacing the Winner Grovyle and followed closely by the Winner Oran Berry.

I just put some random price tag on it cause I have no reference. I already had an offer of $90 for it, but I feel it’s more valuable, but I may be wrong. What do you think?

I sold mine for $150

And why is it so rare? Was it distributed differently then the other best jumbo’s?

@poketrade - I have no idea why it is so rare. It just is. I’m sure there’s some reason like “WoTC lost the rights before they were able to fully distribute it so only a few made it out of the factory” or something weird like that.

@elam18 - How did you sell it? BIN? Best Offer?

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Sold it in a private ebay listing… BIN