TCG product packaged with dice and/or sleeves?

Hello everyone! I am on a quest to collect one of each sealed dice and sleeves set that comes in the elite trainer boxes. While collecting I noticed that some of the league battle decks come with sealed dice and that some of the trainer kits come with sleeves and whatnot. Does anyone know of where I can find every tcg product that came packaged with dice and sleeves? Thanks in advance for any help!

Out of memory 2 random products that I know that included dice and sleeves:

XY Premium Collection

Trainer Toolkit

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@poketrade, Those were some of the initial dice that sparked my interest. So far I have found:

XY premium Collection
Trainers Toolkit
SWSH Ultra Premium Collection
Reshiram Vs Charizard League Battle Deck
Pikachu Vs Zekrom League Battle Deck

The Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta Ultra Premium Collection Box Set I just got had its own special dice and sleeves. Not sure if that is different than the swsh ultra you mentioned


There were special dice sets released at the last two World’s

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Not sure if you’re only after the English releases, but the Japanese Master Collection (with the 400/SM-P and 401/SM-P promos) contains some metal dice.


When i was collecting coins the bulbapedia merchadise pages were helpful. If you havent Im sure there is mention of dice with most product if you searched each page on keyword:

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