TCG Preview in Sept 1996 Corocoro

From Dogasu’s Backpack:

The translated text can be seen on Dogasu’s site, although it’s nothing particularly groundbreaking. Mostly I find it interesting that most of the artwork for the Pokemon changed in the actual Base Set, Charmander especially.


Super fascinating - thanks for the share! Oh man the thought of these cards having been printed somewhere at some point for previewing…hnnnng


Exactly what I was thinking.

That’s pretty awesome, now that I see these concepts I am happy they went with the yellow-ish border for Japanese cards.

Two thoughts:

  1. I could totally dig that white border.

  2. This would have convinced me to buy them.

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This would be a cool idea for a set maybe for the 50th anniversary or similar, I have to say that the white border does make it look a bit unfinished - but yeah would be cool and Nintendo likes doing reprint sets with little to no change in the card art lol

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I’ll be 55/6 by the time Pokemon hits it’s 50th anniversary.


I’ll be 54ish and ready for the next Pokemon installments!


Wow that silver is interesting. I think it looks cool in the preview.
I think the yellow looks epic as well.