Stolen For Position Only Set

The details of the theft I don’t care to share as they are ever changing. Originally it was thought my For Position Only set that I obtained from Rusty Oakley personally was stolen when my house was broken into, but new evidence suggests they were stolen before I arrived home from Pokemon Nationals 2013.

Anyway, here are the details I can give:

I had the set (can be proven).
It was stolen.

And now, a set is mysteriously popping up here:

Is there anything that I can do beyond just crossing my fingers to get the ball rolling here and hopefully obtain my set once again?
Any help is appreciated. Even just Reddit upvotes on my post.


Check your PM.

Check your PM

Check your PM again :stuck_out_tongue:

Check your PM again :stuck_out_tongue:

@theeucollector LOL i’m not “intentionally” copying you word for word.


Elam LOL i’m not “intentionally” copying you word for word.


LOL stop trolling the troller D:

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Btw Elam… I didn’t know you were vietguy on eBay. We’ve worked together there before:)


OMG Gary… I MESSAGED YOU A LOT OF TIMES on EBAY haha asking your whereabouts and we had a conversation like “oh you’re viet, my wife is viet too” >< I also mentioned on ebay that i’m elam18 from pokegym.

I know we had that conversation and I like you as vietguy. I just forgot you were also Elam on here. Now I don’t know if I like you or not. :wink:

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I think you should PM me in respect of Charlie!