SM3 Release

Hi there folks,

I am experiencing disproportionate difficulties in purchasing SM3 Japanese booster boxes, compared with SM3 and 1. The price point seems to be at least 10$ higher than a week or so ago.

Is this because of the new guaranteed SR pull from the 1st ed boxes or because there is a bottleneck in the supply. I am also a UK buyer, could that be playing a part?

Any insight on SM3 would be appreciated.

I guess you are talking about sm3+. It’s like CP6, super hot due to the Shinings. Guessing the cheapest sellers are selling out, though will re-stock.

Sm3+ has been ok for me. It’s Darkness consumingglight that I’m finding difficult to buy for under 50£ a box

I dislike you nickname >😊

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Best prices for new JP releases, ship internationally w/reasonable rates, should have SM3 in stock (if not keep checking over next few days)