Skyridge Reverse Holo Trainer Cards

I have trouble finding a price for the following 4 cards:

Mirage Stadium
Underground Lake
Friend Ball
Fast Ball

I’ve seen some Reverse Trainers from Skyridge sell for 30$+ ; But I’m not sure why. I’d be happy if someone could tell me price estimates!


$5-$10 each.

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Thank you!

Any idea why Oracle/Fisherman are so expensive?

Generally it’s because of Playability or a Character on the card. I know Oracle features Umbreon so I assume that is part of the draw to the card (other than the fantastic artwork).

I don’t know anything about playability but I know Fishermans first print was in Skyridge and it’s still in modern sets so I assume that is part of the draw on that one.

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Oracle was one of the best cards for the format it was in, with most decks draw engines based around it, so people building old decks (there’s quite a few!) are hunting them down, especially reverse holos.

Scratchdesk probably hit the nail on the head with Fisherman too.

Hope that helped :blush:


Thanks, guys! Makes a lot of sense to me!