Sixteen Years

February 27th is an unquestionably important date.

:black_small_square: Henry IV was crowned King of France.
:black_small_square: The island of New Britain was discovered.
:black_small_square: Carbon-14 (14C) was discovered.
:black_small_square: Not surprisingly, lots of fires.

Regardless, history nearly passes by the most important date of all…

February 27th, 1996.

It was a Tuesday. It was a day that changed our lives forever. It was the day Pokémon Red & Green were released. Today – February 27th 2012, we celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of Pokémon!

I have recently been reminiscing toward my childhood – beyond the decade, when our beloved franchise first emerged into the waking realm. I was curious to know…

How did you first become involved in Pokémon?

Was it the video games? Was it the trading cards? Was it the television show? God forbid, Pokémon Live!? Do you have any special memories of this experience?

I was first intrigued by Pokémon upon obtaining Pokémon Red. I was immediately addicted to playing it; I remember spending hours trying to capture every existing creature in the game. I believe this experience developed my habit of collecting items – and discovering ways to reveal glitches. Thirteen years later, I still have my cartridge – I continue to play it, too!

If you remember your first Pokémon experience – whether it be official or otherwise, share your stories with us!

@frostyfluxy – Awesome story, FrostyFluxy! I enjoyed learning of your experiences with the video game and the trading cards. Thank you for sharing!

I wish I had known a friend who owned Pokémon Blue, in my childhood. My experiences with trading did not come until a couple of years ago – I finally completed my Pokédex :>

My favourite glitch was reboarding the S.S. Anne. I wanted to learn how to perform this glitch because my first visit to the S.S. Anne was incomplete – I did not battle every trainer nor did I obtain every item. Upon revisiting, it was no longer a challenge; nevertheless, it was fun!

Your first card was a Bulbasaur, eh? I am impressed to hear that you continued to keep it. My first card was Doduo [Base; 48/102]. I received it as a gift from a friend, because he had a duplicate. I remember fawning over this card for days, until my friend offered to trade with me while we were on a road trip to a wilderness campground. The concept of trading cards was a foreign experience for myself. It was exciting, yet my reluctance continued to linger for thirty minutes until it succumbed to the allure of material possession. I decided to trade my card for a Weedle [Base; 69/102], plus a few trainer cards. I know what you’re thinking… (a Weedle for a Doduo?!) Cut me a little slack – I was only eight years old :stuck_out_tongue:

I had kept my first Japanese Pokémon Trading Card until a couple of months ago. It was a very dirty, incredibly poor condition Beedrill. My friends originally thought it was counterfeit because it wasn’t printed in English (laughs).

Missingno. is boss. 'M is a bitch x)

@reina Sierpe

…Heaven have mercy upon our souls.

What was your first card, Reina? In addition, do you have a favourite glitch? :>



No idea what/how I got into pokemon…
I think it was the TV show to be honest…
IDK my brothers got me into it

@frostyfluxy – I didn’t throw it away. I donated a binder of unwanted cards to a local charity. It isn’t too hard to give something like that to a young child who could enjoy my cards, you know? :blush: