silica desiccants for collection storage

I was wondering, does anybody else use silica desiccant bags to keep moisture out of their collection? i keep my cards in a air tight area where there is no way for moisture to escape. i’m not willing to let any moisture or humidity near my Pokemon collection, so i’m always replacing the silica gel bags. let me know if you do or don’t use them, and why. thanks!! :blush:

I have about 30 of them sprinkled around my case. Excessive? Absolutely, but I’m dealing with a moisture problem right now and I’m not entirely sure where the fault lies. I recently put a set of cards from various sources into an airtight container with multiple silica packets and they have bowed considerably over the past few weeks. When they were added to the container, none of the cards were bowed. Now, every one of the ~25 cards are bowed. The humidity indicator in the case never went above 10-15%.

I have a hunch that it may not be my container that has the problem, but rather with the penny sleeves and card savers that had been stored outside of the airtight container. Has anyone ever had a problem with card savers or penny sleeves retaining moisture?

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I have a few of them toss around my gym bag. But yes, I used to put them around my collection

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I’m exactly the same lol. I have them scattered everywhere. I’m lucky I haven’t had any problems with moisture. I’ve been using the packets from the start, to prevent any moisture problems occurring. Do you have your collection in a basement by chance? That’s the only thing I could think of. I’m not 100% sure, but my opinion is that the card savers and penny sleeves won’t effect the moisture in your collection. Unless they were wet previously or something. Thanks for your response!

I have a ton of them spread around here and there.