Side loaders

Anyone know a good place to buy these in all sizes? I prefer them much more than top loaders :grin:

Looking for best price (w/ s&h)

It’s much easier for cards to slip out of side loaders…even a little which is enough to ding sides.
I used to use them for sports cards with side ways pictures but they shifted too much due to the much wider opening.
It doesn’t look great but if you go with them use team bags and tape to secure them.
There were two companies that used to make them but they discontinued them. Now there’s a Taiwanese company I believe who makes them for the Asian market? Glenn may know better in them.

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I see your point. But I’ve had pretty good experiences with the side loaders. Granted il get a loose fit one here and there but that’s the case with top loaders as well. I also like to put my cards into oversized loaders (not en masse just a special select few) and I find that this gives them a nice feel when I’m spending hours appreciating my collection lol

Haven’t seen those for sale in US websites, does Ultra Pro make them asides from the binder pages?

I can get them for you here in Japan. If interested, PM me.

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