Shuckle collecting guide by ZaneAT (TCG, bootlegs, stickers, pogs, merch and more)

I was so hopeful for paldean fates :grimacing::grimacing:

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Found another item (I’m currently putting together a Buyee order, so I’ve just been looking through random things):

Sealdass sticker set by Bandai in 2004.


Awesome post!! If i can add some info on some:

  1. The zukan cards are Bandai Carddass, zukan just means pokedex, its not the name of the company.

  2. The bandai movie card prism is part of the zukan collection, and if I am not mistaken there should be 2 versions; a prism and a non-prism.

  3. This I would need to check cause I cant remember if I am mistaken or not but I believe Bromide is owned by Ensky, which is the company that also produces the Amada stickers. But as I said, i would need to check.

  4. One of the most important things i believe non-tcg and species collectors should be totally aware of, is the amount of bootlegs/unlicensed stuff that comes from peru. Navarrete produced licensed stuff back in the day but most of the other stuff you see coming from peru is actually unlicensed (collectoons, kvc, 3reyes, etc). It bothers me a lot because they are taking advantage of the little known world of non-tcg and selling stuff in ebay as legit. Latin america has many amazing non-tcg flats but they are usually very hard to find (on ebay you can find navarrete and some official tazos, but usually if it says from Peru (and usually you see the years 2020/2021/2022/2023) it is an unlicensed product). Non-tcg licensed stuff from latin america (navarrete, salo, arcor, bagley, bombiux, cheetos, sabritas, mirinda, gamesa, etc) is an amazing and unexplored world inside the already misterious world of non-tcg. Just be careful out there!!

  5. Tazos are also bootlegs sometimes, in your case the collectoons are bootlegs and the other 3 you have are legit. Tazos were produced by pepsi, which has many brands that produced pokemon stuff (sabritas, lays, matutano, cheetos, chipicao, mirinda, simba, walkers, gamesa, etc). I honestly believe pepsi is along bandai one of the largest producers of non-tcg pokemon flats!! A little weird that in their own homecountryof the US they didnt release almost anything.

5.b continuing the last point, the sticker tazo you have was released in Spain and Greece (maybe Portugal too). The tazo 3 the same (Spain, Greece and portugal). The tazo 4 you have is the baltic countries version, released in lithuania, latvia and estonia (good find by the way). The cheetos one im not sure, but it must be from some south-asian country like indonesia, malaysia, thailand… Last, the chipicao as you said, from spain.

  1. The holo japanese menko you have right after the tazos are called “Patchin”.

  2. The “caratroc pog” is owned by Hasbro. There is actually another version which is the same except the back instead of saying POG repeatedly, it says CAP.

  3. The Pokemon master trainer 2 is also owned by hasbro, they actually got the license to produce this table game from TOMY, which produced the japanese version of the game from where the second pog you have listed (right under this one from hasbro) is from.

  4. The red “vintage cardboard pog” is also from hasbro and is from the year 2000.

  5. I believe the “wafer sticker” is from the brand Lotte.

  6. One more interesting fact and im done, i promise. Merlín Stickers was actually owned by Topps, even when all their pokemon stuff was released. The same thing happens with Banpresto being owned by Bandai.

I hope this sheds some light into some things and sorry for so much text :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


Holy moly thank you for all the info, I haven’t read it all yet but when I sit down later tonight I’m going to go through it and make some adjustments. Thanks a lot.

I did definitely kinda figure some of the Peru stuff is unlicensed but tbh it’s quite cool and definitely spices up the shuckle variety haha.

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Yeah and thats totally fine, many species collectors also collect bootlegs. I just think its important to know if something is licensed/official or not, and then choose and do whatever you want in your collection. If i ever see or have a shuckle ill let you know!

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All I want to say is I love that someone else has deep dived Peru…… when I come across the stickers and cards I fell in love with them….


This is truly awesome! Shuckle is super unrelated Pokemon and I’m glad to see it will be immortalized here with such a comprehensive post!

Also as I side note I can’t see Shuckle without thinking of how amazing he is in some of the videos made by Dorkly, haha.