Show Off Your Error Cards Megathread!

I pulled this Vulpix with a minor miscut a bit ago. While it may not be the most unique error, I still think it’s pretty neat :grin:



So you’re the one who outbid me! :sweat_smile:



So you’re the one that made me pay more :rage:


Very minor, but would anyone class this Pikachu as having excess cyan ink on the back?

(Right side in both photos)

It’s hard to catch with my camera, but the entire back has a blue tint & the grey part of the pokeball has blue streaks running through it.

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It all goes into the Cabal slush fund anyway. So it all works out in the end.


A couple Blastoise connectors


Very annoying that my camera won’t pick it up well, but this Pidgeot I bought yesterday has some vertical magenta ink lines on the front surface. They look almost invisible in photos, but are a lot more noticeable in person.

There are five lines running from under the “attack” in “Wing Attack”, reaching as far down as “Magikarp” in the flavour text; plus another couple of faint lines running through the “30” attack damage.

You can see the barcode effect here, but the faint red colouration isn’t showing up:

Not the most crazy error, but cool to have on a PSA 9.


Excuse the double post, but filing away the Pidgeot just reminded me of a novelty Jungle “error” that I’ve had for a long while & forgotten to share up to now:

Mr. Mime with a tiny “10” inside one of the holo stars. Look inside the largest star next to his, uh, hair? Is it hair?

It’ll only be a case of random print defects making a 1 and 0 shape next to each other on the holofoil, but still pretty darn cool…if you ask me, anyway. :sweat_smile:


The bulk box provides!


That’s really cool


THAT is very cool! And neat. I’ve never heard about it. ANy mention of it anywhere else?
Might this be part of the foil sheet? We don’t scrutinize WotC star foil patterns as much as the galaxy foil, for example, I found a circle and star pattern in WotC last year, that I’d never noticed before. It’s everywhere! I wonder if this is something that can be found elsewhere too… It IS tiny…


Do you think this is an incomplete holo error? There’s one listed on psa so they do exist as an error but i can’t find the cert to look at what psa class as such

There’s no stars or pattern at all, just the holo shine. A comparison below


I’ve been sorting DP era holos and I’m finding all sorts of that stuff. Varying degrees of “holo bleeds” between sets and print runs, and varying amounts of foil patterns. It’s easy to assume that the cards are intended to have the orbs/swirls/stars pattern, so a copy without it could be an error, but I have no idea how common or rare it is.


Yes, this would fit the incomplete holo error designation. As @Alec mentioned, the Diamond & Pearl block had a ton of ink opacity or thickness issues that resulted in severe holo bleed or incomplete holo patterns. It’s not particularly rare for these errors to pop up in D&P (incomplete is much rarer than holo bleed in that era), but they are cool!


you should post some other angles of that holo. I think its pretty cool


@Alec @Dyl thanks for the help! That’s great to hear


was going through some cards and noticed this bday pikachu had some weird looking discolored/faded edges on the front and also some different shade of blue on the backside edges, would this be some kind of factory error or what might have happened here? (and no it’s not actual wear/damage, card is in good shape) :thinking:

It could be an error. To me, it looks like it was in the middle of a stack of cards that was in sunlight, where the edges were exposed to UV rays over many days/weeks/years.


it looks like it was in the middle of a stack of cards that was in sunlight, where the edges were exposed to UV rays over many days/weeks/years.

Hmm yeah that could be it, I have seen fully sun faded cards but never like this so it didn’t even cross my mind :+1: