Shining Karp Karp's collection - Signed Charizard kick-off

Hello karptastic ladies and gents!

I was told this forum contains a lot of expertise. So clueless me over here found nothing better to do than starting off my first post and collection thread with a request for your expertise. Let me put this into context …

A couple of days ago I received a signed Charizard in the mail. There is one problem with this card: I don’t know whom it is signed by and I can’t sleep until I find out. Was it signed by an original Pokémon content creator or by regular Joe from around the block? If you think you can help out or if you know someone who might be able to help out … please hear my appeal and get in touch with me or share the video below with them! My karpitude will be yours forever (◠‿◠)

Time for me to have a splash around this forum!

Thank you for your input, it’s very much appreciated!

I forgot to mention how the card has been obtained: the card was bought from an individual collector who obtained it from a NFS (not for sale) cabinet in a Japanese cards store about a month ago. As I was told, the card had been in that cabinet ever since they originally acquired it through Mandarake in Japan (

Furthermore, in the comments of the video it has now been pointed out that the writer used hiragana. I have looked up the syllabary but can’t seem to match the syllabograms after the Dr. part with those of the syllabary. I think the first one is ‘ta’?

Update: apparently the part above Dr. was written in hiragana and the part after Dr. in katakana. All together it supposedly says ‘False Dr. Mason’, so there definitely is some link with Kouichi Ooyama as @darkrai has pointed out (whether or not it was him who signed). Many thanks again for the help! Do you recall if the signature on that picture from 2002 was anything like this, @darkrai ?

I am stoked to learn there is some story here and that the past is relived again piece by piece. This card is definitely going to be among my most beloved single cards in my collection, whatever the outcome if there ever will be a final one.