Sher's PSA 10 collection

Im looking mostly at ex era to xy era stuff but not sure what lane to fall into just yet, but i want to go big or go home as they say

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Well I’m looking forward to hearing about it and watching you pull it off :slightly_smiling_face:

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You da man!

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Just wanted to pop in and say that Salamence is so cool. I always had a Salamence on my team in Sapphire. Both Salamence and Flygon felt like wonderful replacements for my precious Dragonite.

Also, awesome collection updates!


Hey @Dyl cheers man! Hard not to consider salamence or flygon for gen 3 teams!

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So many nice gems in this thread especially some low pop ones :eyes: very nice!


I’m way late to this thread somehow. Absolutely amazing collection, congratulations!

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@tyranitardaddy @codytcas

Thanks fellas, much appreciated


Got this off troy from e4 :wink: :fire::trophy:

Absolutely blessed to have this




do you have the ex dragon one? I am a big fan of that card. It would be cool to see a reverse 10 of it

Hey, there is 2 ex dragon sals, so I’m not sure which ones you mean but i dont have both, missed some good opportunities to get both reverses recently in psa 10 though :frowning:



Ok guys, update time. The chase for 100 percent salamence completion is currently off.

At the moment I am just collecting multiples of my favourite psa 10 salamences so that I can chase a collection goal with more variety, while still showing salamence a lot of love.

I’m looking to finish the frame shown with all variations of salamence ex - I’m missing 3 of the 9.
I will also pick up a small 3 card frame for all variations of salamence lv x - missing just the unlimited copy.

For all my other favourite sals, bagons, shelgons, mega sals and future roaring moons I will find a way to display them nicely. Who knows maybe someday I will redo the hunt for 100 percent completion on the registry when all of the ex, lv x and others have been collected.

I’ve been daydreaming lately about completing a really big lifetime goal. At the moment I’m think it will revolve around lv x, ex and gold stars. I’ll announce it fully at a later date.


Time for an update :slight_smile:

I think these two are my only new slab additions since last update. I have bought quite a few things for my binder too.
I’m trying to collect in all languages all, bagon, shelgon, salamence, mega salamence and roaring moon cards. Quite a big goal.
The legend that is @Tapp is compiling a spreadsheet for me for this goal right now. A long way to go on it.

The addition of unlimited lv x means this frame is complete :goat:
Fingers crossed I can get the remaining 3 ex in the short term.

1st ed dragon frontiers is my biggest graded challenge remaining.

I found this copy :

Im going to send it and the creatures energy (and a couple others) on to psa at a quick turnaround tier and pray for 10s

Thats all for now. Cheers dudes


Psa returns, didn’t get too many salamences from this one but some nice ones indeed.

The unlimited ex and lv x collection so far :slight_smile:


Sending off a really nice sub soon, heres a ex and lv x collection update. Heres hoping for some 10s from the cardsaver cards. They all look like they have at least a chance


Finished off the english side of ex and lv x goal with a purchase of both ex deoxys and ex dragon frontiers salamence. Love them. 1 remains

(If anyone can help me get the last card i would be forever grateful, not overly confident in my copies)