SGC 10 (gem mint, not pristine) vs BGS 9.5

I don’t know much about grading Pokemon cards. I have never done it. I am not comparing PSA with other graders. As far as I know, SGC 10 has two categories: Gem Mint and Pristine. BGS 9.5 is Gem Mint. Here is my question.

Generally speaking, does a Pokemon card in an SGC 10 (Gem Mint) sell for a higher price than the same card in a BGS 9.5?


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From what I have seen, BGS 9.5 holds the greater premium over SGC 10. I think this is solely due to SGC’s limited market penetration in the Pokemon community. PSA, BGS, and CGC are far more popular among Pokemon collectors.

Did you have a specific card in mind? There are ways to search for completed transactions on eBay, PWCC, and other auction houses and you could directly compare the prices of BGS 9.5 and SGC 10 sales.


Thanks, Dyl, for your response. Just one more question before I leave this post. You’ve mentioned CGC. I don’t have a specific card in mind right now. CGC also has two types of 10s: Pristine and Perfect.

Similarly, to my previous question, does a Pokemon card in a CGC 10 (Pristine) generally sell for a higher price than the same card in a BGS 9.5?


Yes, I would suggest that a CGC 10 Pristine (i.e., one 9.5 and three 10 sub-scores) and a CGC 10 Perfect (i.e., all 10 sub-scores) would sell for much more than a BGS 9.5.

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Thank you again, Dyl. That’s all my questions.


Generally speaking, the value order is as follows:

BGS 10 > CGC 10 > PSA 10 > CGC 9.5 > BGS 9.5 > PSA 9 > CGC 9 > BGS 9 > PSA 8 > CGC/BGS 8.5

For English WotC/EX, BGS 10s and CGC 10s don’t transact too often – but from what little data I’ve seen, BGS 10s tend to outperform CGC 10s. For whatever reason, CGC 9.5s tend to outperform BGS 9.5s (again, referring specifically to English WotC/EX). PSA 10s outperform every BGS/CGC grade except for 10, and PSA 9s outperform every BGS/CGC grade under 9.5.


Thanks, zorloth, for such a concise and clear explanation.


Amazing answer.

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